Friday, 10 Sep 2010

Breast cancer

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There’s always been a lot of attention on breast cancer in Singapore. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in Singapore and about 1,100 women are diagnosed with breast cancer each year. No surprise then that our Health Promotion Board is concerned that women should get regular checkups and screenings to quite literally nip the cancer in the bud (pun somewhat intended).

Recently, DDB Group came up with a stunning campaign to encourage women to get their mammograms done. Stunning in terms of visuals and stunning in terms of – well, let’s just say such pictures are not normally suitable for public viewing in conservative Singapore. In fact when I first saw the pictures I assumed the torsos were male, simply because I couldn’t grasp the idea that they would be allowed to publish nude female torsos in the public domain.

I do love the art – the drawings are impossibly cute, very eye-catching and obviously, draw the viewer’s eye (in more ways than one!) to the essence of the picture. Be warned though – it’s not exactly suitable for work. But does it do its job? That’s the most important question. I hope the ads help to remind women what’s important. Breast cancer kills so many in Singapore.

Pictures are after the jump!

Do you think these will work? Or are they just provocative?


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