Thursday, 16 Sep 2010

Wedding scrapbook

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I must admit it took us almost a year to print our wedding photos – we never managed to quite get around to doing it, but we finally did! And now my project is to put together the pictures into a scrapbook. I suppose it might take me another year or two, but I hope I’ll get it done in the end :x

I did manage to make a start!

Brown corduroy album from Paper Market

Tea ceremony

Tea ceremony

Walking down the aisle

Walking down the aisle


My beautiful sister

All the paper and accessories used were bought from Made With Love.

I’m not scrapping in order, obviously; I’m picking out the pictures that appeal to me and the ones that match the paper I already have. I hope to get this done…eventually!



  1. the goddess across the hall said,

    so far, so good babe!
    they look lovely

  2. betherino said,

    thank you! /beams

  3. 妹妹 said,

    just made me cry and its all your fault.

  4. betherino said,

    <3 i love you little girl.

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