Monday, 20 Sep 2010

Etsy picks – Declaration of Intent

Posted in Etsy picks at 11:00 am by betherino

If you know me, you’ll know that I love words. Long loopy twisty words, short sharp astringent words, bubbly round words that mean nothing at all. I love Scrabble, I love Boggle, I do crossword puzzles, and I love books to bits. I love them so much that I used to eat the corners off the pages when I was little.

I don’t do that any more.

But just to celebrate words, here’s today’s Etsy picks – words upon words upon words! As always, I’ve made sure to include local sellers as well as sellers from around the region, so that shipping costs are kept low and to show you that we’ve got lots of luscious arty people in Asia just waiting for you to buy from them! Always happy to show some support.

I really love all the items in today’s picks and I hope you do too! Am planning to pick up some of these pieces to display in my home. If only I could decide…

Declaration of Intent


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