Wednesday, 29 Sep 2010


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I think it’s just called Lush, but the website is and I like the way it sounds. Lushlush.

I was reading an article awhile ago (I can’t remember where it was) about how us young’uns are a disposable generation. Not that we are easily disposable but that we are so used to disposables – things that are cheap and cheaply made. The article lamented how nowadays people buy Ikea furniture rather than investing in pricier, sturdier, and longer-lasting pieces that could be handed down from generation to generation.

While I see the sense in that, I don’t exactly have the means to invest in such pieces. Maybe later on in life when I’m a little more comfortably settled, finance-wise (well, I hope that day may someday arrive) I’ll be able to buy some pieces like that. But I do like Ikea things as well – precisely because they’re cheap and don’t last too long. I don’t particularly like static environments. I like to mix things up a bit and change things around, and I can’t really do that with pieces I can’t bear to throw out or to modify. Which is the same reason why I don’t do branded goods :)

But now and then I see a piece of furniture that makes me go starry-eyed and (almost) willing to fork out big bucks for.

Like these chairs from Lush (which is where we got our imitation Eames chairs from):

Wood + Woods

Wood + Woods
This chair is from the Wood + Woods collection and is made of the silkiest, smoothest wood. Somehow it reminds me a bit of polished bones – but in a good way! I couldn’t stop running my fingers over the armrests.

Wood + Woods

Wood + Woods
This is a similar one – slightly different construction but equally yummy. I can see a couple of these beauties with a low wooden table in front of a fireplace. Oh, all right – no fireplaces here. Think they would look beautiful in front of a brick feature wall as well!

Wood + Woods
I really like this one too. This one boasts a curved seat and looks a little more modern than the first two.

As to why I won’t be buying any of these lovelies, they cost more than a thousand dollars apiece! For now I’ll just look and like and approve of anyone who decides to purchase one.


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