Friday, 1 Oct 2010


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A pretty pitcher can really dress up a table. They’re multipurpose, too, because you can put some bright wildflowers in them to spruce up your table, or use them for drinks, of course. Imagine a tall frosty pitcher of lemonade, thick-cut wedges of lemon and lime bobbing about amid ice and mint leaves and freshly-squeezed pulp. Sighhhhh.

I recently picked up a glazed clay pitcher from Barang Barang because it was going for half off, at only $15. I like pitchers. They’re inviting and usually a welcome sight at parties! So I went and looked for more pretty pitchers to share with you.

Le Creuset Pitcher
I saw this beautiful chilli red stoneware pitcher by Le Creuset at Tangs Orchard. I just love Le Creuset pieces – they’ve got this vintage, classic feel about them. I can’t for the life of me remember how much they were selling this for, but it’s retailing in the US for US$40 so it can’t be that pricey over here!

Great White Pitcher
Ceramic pitchers always get me. How can anyone resist this simple but elegant pitcher from Pottery Barn? Also, I absolutely love pitchers that can hold amazing amounts of liquid, and this monster holds FIVE LITERS. I kid you not. Since pitchers are usually used at parties to top up people’s drinks, it’s great to have a pitcher that you don’t have to keep getting up to refill.

Pottery Barn pitcher
This galvanized metal pitcher, also from Pottery Barn, looks a bit like a watering can, but would look so good out in a garden setting. It’s a teeny one but it only costs US$8! I love the gorgeous metallic patina on it.


Ikea catalog
This is another metal pitcher, though Ikea markets it more as a vase. The clean lines are really pretty and the white finish makes it look so very farmhouse. They’ve got two sizes – the bigger one is 22cm tall and is selling for $22.90, while the smaller one stands 16cm high and costs $12.90. I almost picked this up this week at Ikea – I think I might just get it the next time round.

Etsy creamer
This little blue creamer pitcher caught my eye on Etsy. It’s old though and has a couple of chips, but I like its fat bottom. So welcoming!

Gurgle Pot
Finally, the GurglePot. I’ve seen some truly hideous fish pitchers out there and it took me awhile to get used to the idea of water pouring out of the mouth of a large ceramic fish, but I must admit it was the gurgle that got me. The design of this pitcher means that air gets trapped in the tail, producing a rollicking gurgle and glug as water pours out of the jug. You can actually listen to it here! It comes in a ton of simply beautiful colors though the ever popular aqua is completely sold out.


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