Wednesday, 6 Oct 2010

Ingredients never looked this good

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Can I just say how much I adore Ikea? I actually get cravings for it; I like walking down its aisles and looking at pretty and affordable furniture. I notice which are the new layouts. I leap at the catalog when it comes. Their meatballs are amazing with lingonberry sauce. Daim pie is possibly the best chocolate cake in the world. Salted herring and apple cider. What’s not to like?

And now Ikea has come out with their own…*drumroll*…


Recipes! For Princess Tart! And fruit tartlets! And chocolate pie! And if somewhere in its pages is a recipe for Daim pie, I think I might possibly have died and gone to heaven.

And as all Ikea things are, you know its cookbook won’t just be any cookbook. They’ve gotten photographer Carl Kleiner to photograph the ingredients in a stunningly and surprisingly beautiful way. According to them, they were “inspired by high fashion and Japanese minimalism” to produce….these.

Ikea cookbook

Ingredients have NEVER looked so good.

Ikea cookbook

I love the different shapes and how clean the lines are. So very Ikea.

Ikea cookbook

Have you ever watched that old art show, “Art Attack”? There was this segment in it where the host, Neil, would use ordinary everyday objects to create large-scale art – piling up plastic bags to make a seascape or sports kits to form a picture of men playing footie. These pictures remind me of that.

Ikea cookbook

I don’t know what those little red things are but this picture makes me want to roll around in a pile of them.


Are you salivating yet? Wait – there’s more.


This is called Sockerkaka. Looks like a bundt cake of some sort.


This is Prinsesstårta, which I definitely remember being sold in Ikea, so maybe – just maybe! – there’ll be Daim pie recipe somewhere in there. Hope springs eternal.

Spröda maränger

This looks like meringue. I love the design in this picture. It makes me hungry and happy.

It seems that the book is only available in Swedish so far – I’m sure that it will soon be translated! The book contains 30 classic Swedish dessert recipes; while I suppose some ingredients native to Sweden may be difficult to find here, I think the novelty and beauty of this cookbook makes it a must-have. I’m sure we can find ingredient substitutes as well.

Can’t wait! (Daim pie!)


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