Thursday, 7 Oct 2010

Bobby pins

Posted in Accessories tagged at 2:30 pm by betherino

For the last year or so I’ve been quite mad about hair flowers and hairbands with pretty things on them. Feathers, flowers, colors. Now that my hair is awfully short and I feel a bit like a tomboy, I’m appreciating these things even more to make me feel girly even with my close crop.

This time I’m mad about acrylic bobby pins! Because I teach, I’m loath to wear anything that’s too bright or showy to work; I don’t want to spend the day with distracted students staring at the pretties in my hair. So I’ve found an alternative to my big pieces – these beautiful bobby pins. And I’ve done the research so you don’t have to ;)

Berries and cream bobby pins by Elizabeth Hutnick

Blue bobby pins by Liz Hutnick

I’ve purchased these babies along with a few others from Liz Hutnick on Etsy. They were quite affordable – USD14 for four pins and with free shipping! Since the US dollar is down to 1.309 against the SG dollar, my friend and I figured it was a good excuse and a good time to pick up a few of these. Liz carries earrings, rings and these bobby pins in the same line of acrylic flowers, doves and owls in pleasing pastel shades. Sigh, I really like the vintage look; they’re selling on enough blogshops that I suspect I can find the acrylic flowers in Chinatown. I might be taking a trip down soon to have a look for myself. *rubs hands*

Owl bobby pin set

Owls are always pretty to look at and this bobby pin collection of four will set you back USD11 at Lara Lewis. She’s got a lovely collection of different kinds of pins – daisies, roses, owls, doves, you name it she’s got it.

Wonderland by Fleur Avenue

On a local front, these bobby pins are from FleurAvenue (at least I assume she’s local because one of the six locations she lists on her page is Singapore). She’s selling three pins for about S$16 – it worked out to be slightly more expensive than Liz’s pins because for some reason her shipping costs are an astronomical S$5 :(

Blue dahlia

Cloth button bobby pins

Another local seller, Ohmymuffins, sells them separately, with one pin going for S$3.20. That price sounds a tad more reasonable and she’s got cloth-covered button pins as well (although those I can make on my own; you can get the cloth button maker thingy at Daiso in Plaza Singapura for just S$2).



  1. Meimei said,

    You know what’s really funny, I reacted exactly the same way about my hair cut. Except I wear headbands a lot. d:

  2. betherino said,

    hurhur great minds :) don’t really like headbands cuz I don’t like the way they ruffle up my hair at the back or go over my ears…just weird! mommy used to buy ribbons at the wet market for 30 cents and would tie them over my head as faux and cheap hairbands.

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