Tuesday, 12 Oct 2010


Posted in Graphics at 3:11 pm by betherino

There’s something a little…”fast-food” about doing things online. Shopping online, for instance – you only dare to spend so much on online shopping because you’re not quite sure of the quality of the items you’re buying. And e-books and e-magazines don’t really cut the mustard because there’s just something so visceral and tangible about having something to hold in your hand and flip through.

Still – I can’t deny how accessible online things are. With my iPhone, I can just about check anything anywhere – unless it’s in Flash of course! And it also makes things so much easier when I want to get my hands on a magazine that’s published abroad; to be perfectly honest lots of lifestyle magazines from other countries are much more fun to look at than those from Singapore. SG just doesn’t seem to have much in the way of affordable and pretty furnishings; affordable pieces are more or less “aunty” or old-fashioned and bleh looking.

So aaanyway, here’s a brand new online mag from Australia. It’s exclusively online which means you never miss out on content and it’s available all round the clock! Don’t be deceived by their Spring issue cover – it’s spring in Australia after all :)


Here are some snippets of its pages for you – click away and enjoy! It’s full of home tips, lots of lush and luscious furnishings in bold bright and beautiful shades. Yummy.

Frames! (peeks guiltily at unfinished picture wall)

I love kitchen islands; wish I had enough space for one in my house.

and inspiration boards always make me happy. It’s one of those things I just prefer virtual. Plus any magazine that references domino is a winner.

Yummy pictures

Color coordinated pages. What’s not to adore?


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