Thursday, 14 Oct 2010

Going boho

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In the hallowed words of Heidi Klum, “In the world of fashion, one day you’re in; the next, you’re out”. And for some reason that none of us will ever be privy to, tie-dye is back in, cresting on the wave of bohemian couture that’s rolled in on our sunny beaches.

gross hippie tie-dye yucks

Thankfully, not this kind of tie-dye. This kind should basically be banished forever and its existence deleted from the annals of mankind so that we may never have to admit to our children the travesties of past fashion.

Jolie's lookbook

See, when it’s on a hot girl, tie-dye’s so much better!

But seriously – even though I’m not quite leaping with delight onto the tie-dye bandwagon, there are a few pieces out there that I sheepishly admit I would wear. I suppose it’s a matter of not overdoing it. You want to look chic, not like you’re smoking marijuana.

Tie-dye maxi

I really, really, really like this maxi dress from Silkytrend. It’s mostly the gaudy, multi-colored effect of tie-dye that becomes glaring, but the colors on this dress are similar enough and muted enough to carry off that beautiful boho theme without overdoing it. It’s selling on a Malaysian shop though which charges RM30 for the first kilo of shipping – and I’m not sure I want to get a kilogram of clothes just to make it worth my while!

Blue tie-dye maxi

This blue-striped Venus maxi was so popular that it’s already sold out on Dirtybling.

Au naturel tie-dye dress

I love the pattern on this tank dress! Again the colors are lovely; I think it looks great both ways it’s styled here – with a thin belt and loose with shorts.sadly this is sold out on Wonderstellar too. Sorry ladies :(

Karissa rainbow dress

I don’t usually go in for rainbow colors but this dress is so cheerful and happy it’s hard to resist. Items on Ohvola always sell out really fast though this dress is available on backorders.

Brush print dress

I bought this dress! I think this is a really classy take on tie-dye. Not only are the colors beautiful, the cut is work-appropriate unlike most of the casual takes on tie-dye outfits. It’s still available on backorders at Love Bonito.



  1. Rachel said,

    I’m still not sold on tie-dye generally, but I must say the last dress is very classy. :)

  2. dew0fheaven said,

    i wanted that ohvola dress!!!! hahah.. but sigh no moree :(

  3. betherino said,

    rachel: yeah the tie-dye has to be reaaaaally nice before it’s worth looking at :)

    jas: backorder!

  4. 妹妹 said,

    You have no idea. Gaudy tie-dye is like the signature thing of hippie Ithaca. T_T

    Which is why I don’t own any Ithaca shirts…..

  5. betherino said,

    you bought a tie-dye shirt the last time you were back, from 313, remember?

    mom wore a tie-dye dress to family gathering this week ;)

  6. 妹妹 said,

    Yeah but that wasn’t a typical tie-dye shirt by any means..

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