Friday, 15 Oct 2010

Wineglass charms

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Before, when we had parties, we’d stick a stack of paper or plastic cups by the punch bowl along with a marker for people to scribble their names on. We’d run around the house frantically trying to unearth that one permanent marker that would work on frosty plastic cups. And even with the permanent marker, inevitably somebody would write their names too near the lip of the cup and end up with smudges on their own lips after drinking!

Now that we’re all grown up with more adult drinks at our parties, we don’t use disposables, or Sharpies, anymore. And in order for guests to differentiate between their glasses, what better than to dress up your collection with some unique wineglass charms?

Mahjong wine charms

Well yes these mahjong charms by Tizzytapties are unique, and they’d probably be the funniest conversation pieces, but I like my charms to be a bit classier than that!

Wineglass charms 1

My brand spanking new set was handmade for me by two beautiful ladies, Shyam and Serene!

treehouse wine charm

I really love the treehouse charm. I’ve always wanted a treehouse; in land-scarce Singapore I guess I’ll just have to make do with the teeny one hanging on my wineglass. Love the rocking-horse and the sewing machine too! Those are my favorites. The 招财猫, or maneki neko, or waving cat, is supposed to represent my kitty Sasha. Er, ok :D

Wineglass charms 2 (wedding set)

Actually they made me two sets of six – one set is wedding themed to celebrate our wedding wedding anniversary (one year late is better than never! *love*). A couch (to represent the one we broke not 2 weeks after it arrived), a just-married car bumper to remind us of our beautiful duo-toned Renault, a little parfum bottle and more.

Wineglass charm 3

Look how pretty it is! My hand-blown wineglasses from Israel are already pretty, but the charm makes it even more special. Plus it makes a lovely clear ringing sound when the charm swings around the base of the wineglass.

I’ve just had a thought – should it be mouth-blown? Because you obviously don’t blow with your hands.

Scrabble wine charms

Just wanted to end off with these adorable Scrabble wine charms available on Copperdot. If you love Scrabble or words like I do, these would be perfect, especially if you had one letter for the names of each person in your family. Wineglass charms can be hung from mug handles as well!

I think I’m going to make a set for everyone in our family for Christmas ;)


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