Monday, 18 Oct 2010

Lookbook: Turning 21

Posted in Clothes tagged at 5:29 pm by betherino

It wasn’t quite that long ago, but I don’t really remember how big a deal turning 21 was for me. I remember I had a sort-of party, but it wasn’t by any means a gala – just some friends getting together to fete my birthday with a dinner at Marché. Hubba’s cousin is turning 21 this weekend and she’s having the works – a banquet dinner at a hotel. I love the idea of celebrating that milestone of having come of age. Here’s a special lookbook for a girl who’s becoming a woman on that special day.


The ruffled toga dress is elegant and simple – the colors are serious enough while the subtle polka dot skirt remains feminine and young. In keeping with the key theme, maybe someday someone special will gain the key to her heart – but until then she’ll wear it around her neck. I especially love the punches of red to brighten up the outfit – a brilliantly crimson floral clutch and a Mary-Jane heel that’s grown-up and youthful all at the same time.


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