Thursday, 21 Oct 2010

Cover Girl Smoky Shadow Blast

Posted in Accessories at 7:13 pm by betherino

Cover Girl Smoky Shadow Blast

I’m an America’s Next Top Model junkie and I tend to believe everything I see on TV, so when they featured Cover Girl’s Smoky Shadow Blast on the show, I was…sold.

Smoky Shadow Blast
“Cover Girl Smoky Shadow Blast is amazing and it is my best friend and you NEED it! Now!! …What? Too obvious?”

I’m certainly not a beauty product reviewer and my idea of makeup is usually minimal, to conceal rather than to enhance, because with my type of work, it’s not really appropriate to turn up each day with a colorful face. Plus I like simple makeup; I’m not too big on the primer/concealer/toner whatever business. So this simple cream shadow looked like it was right up my alley. The rounded side is a lighter shade and goes on first, with the tapered side used as a highlighter and brow liner. Sounds awesomely easy.

All the reviews sounded the same as the one in this YouTube video – the texture was too greasy like a lipstick, it broke off easily (like a lipstick), it creased along the eyelids, the color wasn’t too bright (which I don’t mind because again, not into vibrant color). There were tons of negative reviews (even directly on the Cover Girl page!) and far too few positive ones. It was really rather alarming.

So regretfully I decided not to buy it in the end. I’m definitely going to look into cream shadows tho – the color possibilities sound fabulous!



  1. 妹妹 said,

    Predictably enough, I tried it. It is greasy and mine broke two days after I bought it. Sad.

  2. betherino said,

    The video reviewer said her Nyx jumbo pencil worked much much better. If you happen to pass by a drugstore or something sometime between now and when you come home, can you help me get a brown and a cream Nyx eyeshadow pencil thingy? :D

  3. 妹妹 said,

    Nyx is a pretty good drugstore brand.. Cheap and works – I hope I remember!

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