Thursday, 21 Oct 2010

The Commission Project

Posted in Home at 9:26 am by betherino

After visiting a friend’s house where he had lots of paintings hung round, I started to look into buying some original art of our own – but they tend to be horrifically expensive. Though why shouldn’t they? You’re paying for someone’s creativity and hard work. Commissioned work tends to be even pricier – but artist Paul Ferney has started what he calls The Commission Project.

The Commission Project

He’s accepting up to a hundred commissions for only US$200, inclusive of tax and shipping (to the US). Now that’s a real deal! The usual price is US$350, not including shipping I suppose. This would make a great gift for a loved one this Christmas :)

All you need to do is email him the picture that you want painted – a picture of your favorite pet?


Or maybe the beautiful shoes you wore for your wedding:


He does portraits as well, and I really like the Impressionist style. Makes the picture look so dreamy and lovely. The painting would look lovely on a dresser top or a mantel!



  1. jasmine said,

    hmm greatttt idea….! i’m thinking of getting my mum a present for bday but not sure what to get man… maybe should do a family photo! hmmmm should i???

    • betherino said,

      eeek I think he’s sold out already! It’s a really great idea though :)

  2. 妹妹 said,

    Let me take my intro to painting class first – then I’ll think about it d:

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