Wednesday, 3 Nov 2010

tomfoolerie sneak preview 1

Posted in Shops at 8:39 am by betherino

Some of the pieces I’ve been working on – tomfoolerie is having its first sale on 27 Nov, and I won’t even be there :o Hubba – er, I mean my sales representative, of course – will be there in my stead. I won’t be able to be there because a couple of friends and I are having a combined house sale, and the day they picked is on the weekend I’ll be away in Bangkok! :( Still, whatever isn’t sold then will be put up for sale on Etsy – I’ll be launching that shop soon!

Cherie brooch
Cherie brooch – two cream cotton flowers with pearl bead and button centers. Brooch is bendy so that it can be flexed to fit snugly against your body

Elizabeth hairband
Elizabeth hairband – two gray cotton flowers with tulle rosette, pearl bead and button centers mounted on a black plastic hairband.

Elaine hairband
Elaine hairband – summery yellow cotton flowers with button centers, mounted on a black plastic hairband

Abigail ballet flats
Abigail ballet flats – blue and cream flowers with pearl beads and bright button centers on gold shimmer Rubi ballet flats (size 40)

More coming!




  1. elspeth said,

    they’re beautiful! i wish i have your talent and creativity too! =)

  2. betherino said,

    haha thanks babe <3 they're really fun to make too!

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