Thursday, 4 Nov 2010

Amy Butler fabrics

Posted in Crafts at 11:03 am by betherino


One frustrating thing about fabric shopping in Singapore is that the designs seem sadly limited. Spotlight fabrics are pricey and the designs are a little bit dated, while fabrics in Chinatown tend to be, well, very Chinese, and not always in a particularly good way. There’s only one shop that sells some of the prettier Japanese prints but even those tend to be the cutesy ones with bunnies and such. I get most of my printed fabrics from Golden Dragon, because they sell craft scraps, but their cloth is all similarly colored in creamy neutral shades. Not much to choose from. :(

And so I crave for Amy Butler.


Amy Butler has the most beautiful prints. I love bold colors and textured designs, florals and leaves, and she’s got it all. The prints are perfect for almost anything – crafts, cushion covers, curtains, even clothes. There isn’t any Amy Butler shop here though and frankly her cloths are quite pricey too, so I’ve resorted to buying scrap bags and fat quarters from Etsy :(


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