Wednesday, 10 Nov 2010

Christmas freebies

Posted in Crafts at 8:44 am by betherino

This is my favorite time of year.  When the weather gets nippy (or at least much cooler than other times of the year – yay rain because we can’t get snow), when Christmas songs play, and visions of presents dance through my head.  And of course, the reason for the season – God sent his son to the world to be a baby boy and give us all life.

As a Christmas gift for all of you – some printables to enjoy!  I used Emily’s tags last year and this year I’m deliciously spoilt for choice. I thought I’d share all these free printables so that all of you can have pretty tags on your gifts this year as well.

Renee Garner’s scalloped birdy tags (from Wolfie + the Sneak)

Kristina's reindeer gift tags

These tags by Kristina of Studio 67 and My Heart Behaves have a FRONT and BACK so download both, print them on both sides of the paper at 100%, and cut them out by hand or with circle cutters :)

Ez's winter birdy gift tags

Ez’s winter birdy gift tags (from CreatureComforts)

Emily's HELLO gift tags

Emily’s HELLO gift tags (from CreatureComforts)

Amy's holiday gift tags

Amy’s holiday gift tags (from Peptogirl Industries)

Paola's sweet gift tags

Paola’s sweet gift tags (from Paola Zakimi)

Emily's holiday gift tags
Emily’s holiday gift tags (from Inside a Black Apple)

Jessie's red+pink gift tags

Jessie’s red+pink gift tags (from Sweet Jessie)

All gift tags and labels are for non-commercial use only, by request of the artists who made them. Enjoy!


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