Tuesday, 16 Nov 2010

Les Queues de Sardines

Posted in Clothes at 10:26 am by betherino

Sometimes I wake up in the morning thinking, “I feel like wearing tights or leggings today”; inevitably after about half an hour of deliberation I end up not wearing either. Because Singapore usually just gets too darn hot for it. Not these days though – these are gloriously cool leggings-wearing days! And soon I’ll be in cold cold Israel and I’ll be wearing the heck out of all my tights and leggings. Yummy.

I recently stumbled across Les Queues de Sardines in my leggings fever, and my jaw literally dropped from their, well, jaw-dropping designs. Some of them are so mindbogglingly creepy that I really can’t see myself wearing them (e.g. the pair with eyes drawn all over them – eeks) but some are delightfully quirky and make me shiver with glee. Here are a few of my favorites and a few of the gross ones.

Flizus – I would totally wear these all over the place. Even if it’s too hot for them.



Descente d'Organes
Descente d’Organes – okay EW I have visions of intestines descending from orifices

Pieces de Boucherie
Pieces de Boucherie – hilariously morbid butcher cuts


La Pluie
La Pluie – this was the pair that started my obsession with Les Queues de Sardines!

Bootsy – another of my favorites

Daphne – pure gorgeousness!

The Les Queues stockings are selling for a depressingly high price – though still rather affordable. You can get them online (if you speak French) here or here or here, or if you’re traveling you can visit their stockists all around the world. Sadly no shop in Singapore just yet :(


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