Thursday, 6 Jan 2011


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I have this insane obsession for metal and wooden letters for monograms. Ever since wedding planning in 2008-2009, I’ve loved the classic look of monograms – hubba designed a wedding card for my brother with their initials on the front. And since we’ve moved into our beautiful home almost year and a half ago, I’ve been trying to look for 3D letters I can put up in the house as part of decor.

My inspirations came from a friend’s office; they had put up lovely vintage metal and wooden letters around the office on shelves, and the look was so classic I instantly loved it. There’s just something so tactile about having 3D, solid letters that…okay, I don’t know how to describe it, really, I just really love the look of it. Just so I can convince you, here are some other inspirational pictures:

From Not On The High Street:

Bath letters


These fill me with utter covetousness. The font is beautiful, as is the distressed wood look. These are handcrafted, though I’m not entirely sure if these can stand by themselves as the base looks a tad thin. They’d probably look better on a ledge, leaned against the wall. I almost want to reach out and stroke that satiny wood through my computer screen :(

LOVE letters :)

Love letters, get it? Heh heh. This is really the look I’m going for – free standing letters on a shelf or ledge. Currently the ones I got from Bangkok, dark wooden letters spelling C&J, have a tealight holder screwed in on the top of each one which just looks a bit…odd. I was planning to unscrew the holders but haven’t quite gotten around to that yet, or deciding what I’ll do to cover the hole in the top when I’ve done that.


The McKevitts put their monogram in a picture frame on the wall, and were themselves inspired by Young House Love bloggers John and Sherry, whose P monogram is pictured below.

P monogram

Another way of displaying monograms or favorite words is to use old letter blocks. This is also great for kids’ bedrooms – vintage letter blocks would look great on a child’s table or shelf.


I also really like this idea of subtle season decor by Hastings Crystal – by displaying the word ‘NOEL’ at the best time of the year. That’s something I’m definitely keeping in mind for future letter purchases! I can’t wait to find the perfect display cabinet that will house all my pretties and new letters – just like this display in my favorite prettythings blogger’s house.

White ceramics

Love the white, love the silver lowercase letters, love the elephant especially! We are actively searching for a good display cabinet and after last night’s trawl, we’ve concluded that this time, it’s not to be had at Ikea. I’ve also realized that white is the best color for a display cabinet because black or dark wood just makes it too hard for items to be seen – especially since it’s going to have to be a glass-covered cabinet (too much dust; plus lift upgrading will be commencing soon). However, our living room is themed in dark wood. *wrings hands* whatever will we do? Light fixtures in the cabinet are a possible solution, but there is no electrical socket in the corner we’ve designated for the cupboard unless we run a wire along the wall (ugly, boo).

But I digress.

As a start, I’ve ordered these luscious metal letters from Studio6Fresno on Etsy that will go along with our picture wall (which is going up really…really…soon – I hope! More updates on that sometime soon).

metal letters

I’ve ordered C&J and they’ll go on the wall amongst our frames.

And as a last inspiration picture, I just found another monogram in Nicole Balch’s house (though I recall having seen a monogram in one of her bathroom pictures, I can’t seem to track that picture down) – a large ampersand on her office wall.

Office ampersand

I’m not totally sure what the significance might be, but it looks delish!


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