Monday, 10 Jan 2011

Display cabinets

Posted in Home at 7:00 am by betherino

After a little rearranging of furniture, my vintage Singer sewing machine table is now next to the couch, and the space where it used to be is empty and ready for a slim display cabinet. The trouble now is finding an ideal cabinet for the house that will match the rest of our furniture.

The hubba wants something that looks interesting, though I haven’t really talked that out with him quite yet, so I don’t know what kind of interesting he wants. But here are a couple of options I find interesting, for inspiration!

Portofino display cabinet

Black Lion Furniture carries a luscious vintage-look distressed display cabinet that fits my criteria. I like that the sides are made of glass too, so that it lets light into in the display. I like the fact that there are drawers below for extra storage, because our house definitely lacks in the storage department. The look is far too vintage to match our furniture though, which is quasi-modern, I suppose.

Double display

Another look is the more-or-less full display cabinet, where the glass goes all the way to the bottom. Bassett Furniture’s double display wood cabinet has a less fussy design than the Black Lion Portofino cabinet, and the clean lines would match our house furniture a lot more. Also, I’m warming towards the idea of brown – since our dining table is natural wood grain and the cabinet is going to be right beside it.

Kent bookcase

Oh, Pottery Barn. I want everything in your catalog and your designers to come makeover my house. This is an interesting take on the display cabinet with the top two shelves uncovered and the bottom two glassed over. This is a good choice because then my kitty won’t be able to get into the lower shelves to sleep or mess things about!

In case of desperation, if we really can’t find anything out there that’s halfway decent, Ikea does actually have a okay solution – the Billy bookcase. Hubba is dead set against any of the purpose-built display cabinets at Ikea, but I think the humble Billy could actually work out pretty well.

Traditional White Bookshelves

Hot Domestic featured this setup that for all sorts of reasons thrills me. Lookit the letters! Fits right in with my plans. I have room for two columns or at a pinch three, and again I really like the cabinets below, which would give me more storage space for plates or other things. I know Ikea carries glass doors for the Billy as well (we’ve got them as bookcases in our study) so that would solve the dust issue.

Can’t wait to go hunting! We’re going to hit up our usual spot, the wholesale teak furniture store at Paya Ubi Industrial Park, then Helping Hands near our place. The Paya Ubi Industrial Park store has this piece that looks close to what we might like, though the photo is really small:

Bali contemporary glass display

Anyone know other places we can look for affordable, nice wooden display cabinets?


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