Tuesday, 11 Jan 2011

Printing pictures

Posted in Home at 11:33 pm by betherino

It’s barely visible, but the picture wall plan has changed – slightly.

Picture Wall Plan

We’ve picked up all our Ribba frames from Ikea!

Ikea frames

Depressingly, though, the small square frame that I’d had for about three years now and never used, and which I factored into the previous visual plan, is no longer sold at Ikea. I could have cried – that size was absolutely perfect for framing the two mosaic tiles we’d picked up in Jordan, and now I only have that one frame. :(

But we’ve bought other frames to make up for that one (though I’m not sure when I’m going to stop sulking about that one small square frame), and the next thing on our list is to print our pictures! I’ve been looking through all our pictures to find ones that represent a wide enough range of time – most of them will be photos taken on the trips we’ve gone on, especially pictures from our recent Israel trip (mostly because we went with so many people, there were always ready volunteers to help us take our couple shots in return for the same favor!) and from our wedding.

We always go to this little print shop at Liang Court. I’m not sure what it’s called, but the print shop is right next to the cashiers at Meidi-Ya at Basement 1. The print quality is superb, though the prints are pricey – we paid I think 40 cents a copy for 4R, and the price takes a massive leap up to $2 a copy for 5R. So worth it though, because the colors are beautiful and bright and the quality gorgeous. For standalone pictures, the white border looks especially good; but if you’re framing them, I’d suggest borderless because it makes it that much easier to frame. Take it from me, after I spent about twenty minutes trying to get the picture to stay in the frame with the exact equal amount of white border showing around the edge. Urgh.

I highly recommend the print shop! Let me know if you get your pictures done there :)

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