Wednesday, 19 Jan 2011


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While I was growing up, my parents had always demonstrated an abhorrence for any sort of permanent house fixture. Cupboards were never attached to walls and no shelves were ever put up; it was perfectly common for us to come home to find the furniture had been rearranged into different conglomerations and iterations. Our living room was often rotated into different angles every few months with the telly finding itself moved from wall to wall whenever my father felt like shifting the furniture. As such, I’m extremely reluctant to bang holes in my precious wall myself – the idea of permanence makes the soles of my feet itch in a very discomforting manner.

Yet all my entreaties to try Command wall adhesive and Blu-tack are going unheard; the hubs has explained several times in a comforting and reassuring manner that holes in walls can be patched and that really it’s rather more secure to use nails and hooks than Blu-tack; and as I have to admit the frames are heavy and I’d much prefer not to hear the tinkle of breaking glass, I’ve given in to using picture hooks. The problem now is that the smaller Ribba frames from Ikea don’t come with picture hangers but with stands. Augggghhh.

So we’ve got to buy more of these nifty little things:

Which will, I hope, be done today, even as I huddle on the couch clutching my tummy – I’m off work on a sick day, sigh.

But a teaser picture – we’ve printed the pictures and put all the pictures in so I tested the layout on the floor:

Do you think this looks all right? Can’t wait to get my wall up and running! Er, in speaking of course. :D

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  1. eclektiz said,

    damn chio lah!

  2. betherino said,

    who me? of course! :D

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