Wednesday, 26 Jan 2011

Finally done – the picture wall

Posted in Home at 2:04 pm by betherino

The picture wall is up up and away!

Kitty examines wall

Even Sasha spent some time admiring it.

We’d started late because we’d gone to the Pompeii exhibition at the National Museum that afternoon, which, incidentally, was amazing.

By the time we got home it was round six and we’d hoped to get it done by eight. Unfortunately our plans were somewhat derailed (simultaneously watching the wonderful Liverpool-Wolves match which actually brought me to tears with Pool’s brilliant passing and scoring). We’d spent a good bit of time measuring and double-measuring (hubba’s conscientious nature at work) and hammering away at the hooks on the wall. Much to our neighbors’ displeasure, we were so fixed on getting it done that night that the last hook was determinedly banged in at 11.30pm. I know, terribly inconsiderate of us, and we promise not to do it again.

I put together a little stop-motion video thing showing our wall going up frame by frame. I love looking at my wall – I’ve been gazing at it instead of the telly lately! So happy we finally got this done!

Going to put more prints up behind the couch soon :)

Last happy pic!

Picture Wall

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