Thursday, 27 Jan 2011


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Colorful tights
Happy Socks Cotton Tights, Kate Spade Graphic Dot Mustard Tights, Forever 21 Classic Textured Tights

As the weather in Singapore stays cool and wet with temps dropping to a low of 23 degrees Celsius (unheard of!) I’ve been bursting to bust out my tights collection. It’s rather meager now and in rather boring colors; my favorites are my classic black pair and my new 280 denier navy blue tights. In the wings are my blue sparkly leggings from Uniqlo and black rose lace patterned tights. The problem I’m facing is that I haven’t quite got enough short skirts to match the wearing of tights – also, I’ve been shy to match odd colors and have been falling back on black far too much. Enough, I say! I’m rolling out my colored tights this weekend and nothing’s gonna stop me!

Stripey tights

I’ve been surfing Gmarket lately, looking for bargains, and while it’s absolutely frustrating to painstakingly match the Korean words on the page to the ones on the virtual shopping basket, I went a little mental over this leggings shop, called, strangely, Undress. They’ve got all types, colors, patterns, and even woolly lined ones that are perfect for taking on trips to wintry countries.

Woolly lined stockings

I bought those! Definitely good for wearing with skirts on chilly holidays where you don’t really want to bare your legs. Also on my menu – sexily classic black and white argyle stockings, leggings that actually have a skirt attached, and lovely chevron patterned tights in deep purple.

Chevron tights

I particularly liked a pair with little clover leaves all over them – they reminded me of a white opaque pair of stockings I had as a child with teeny red hearts scattered over them. I loved those stockings and wore them to bits.

Clover stockings

I can’t wait to visit Tokyo in March – I’m gonna break out all my pretty patterned tights to brace myself for the weather!


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  1. 妹妹 said,

    I love the skirt on those kate spade tights. Mmmmm…

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