Tuesday, 8 Feb 2011

Tree branches

Posted in Home at 4:36 pm by betherino

I found exactly what I want for my display space!

Tree Branch bookshelf

A tree branch book case! It’s quirky, like what the hubba wants, and it’s organic, the way I like it – and I’m always a sucker for clean tree or flower designs like this one. Unfortunately, it ain’t sold here – it’s made by French designer Olivier Dolle. Or maybe I could find a similar, terribly overpriced version at some designer furniture store, but I haven’t the money or the inclination to splash out on designer furniture. In fact, I hate brand labels with a passion. I don’t like paying through the nose for anything.

Tree branch book case

But I love this! And my crafty little sister says she could easily make one with a silding compound miter saw. I don’t know what that is, but it sounds large. And complicated. And very sharp.



In any case, that book shelf would look beautiful next to my teak dining table; the wood in my living room ranges from darker black-brown glaze in my TV area and a dark honey glaze for my dining area. I’d love this in a similar honey glaze, and I’d be able to display all my pretty things along the shelf.

That being said, it’s probably not going to happen; I’ll just have to return my hopes to regular looking display thingies. We’ve looked at a couple and I’ll post up pictures soon!



  1. Madeline said,

    Maybe you could join a couple of woods from ikea together and make it look like the tree above? It’s a really neat idea =)

  2. 妹妹 said,

    Well, if you bought me a sliding compound miter saw….

    Its all about drafting it knowing at what angle to cut the wood. Probably also want a

    sanding machine… and a palm sander

    I would be able to make lots of things if I had those tools! <3<3<3

  3. Jas said,

    very nice!!! I like it! (:

  4. betherino said,

    Mad: It’s a neat idea! but I definitely don’t have the knowhow or tools to do that :x

    Mei: I don’t have that kind of money either!

    jas: post pics and posts of your house reno too!! I love reading them!

  5. Jas said,

    haha :D nothing much has happened in the lsat few days. so sad la. stupid builder so slow. ://// we are finalising the kitchen though! will post the layout of it soon! ehhee… i love the idea of this book shelf but i agree that it’s more for show than for storage. ;(

  6. sabrina chan said,

    you can go to large decoration contractors to get it done. let me check out the estimate costing with a contractor and get back to you.

  7. betherino said,

    sabs! any word? :D

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