Tuesday, 15 Feb 2011

Branching out

Posted in Home at 11:12 am by betherino

We’re seriously considering the branch bookshelf idea and are looking around for a carpenter to do the deed! I wonder how much it’ll end up costing – we enquired after custom-making whole cupboards and those cost around $2k, so I’m hoping that a branch bookshelf would be substantially less that.

In the meantime, I’ve been looking at some other branch bookshelves to get some inspiration for the design. The thing is that the whole point of the shelf will be to display all the little knick-knacky things we’ve got lying around; thus it’s a necessity that most of the display shelves are horizontal or at least as on a gentle incline as possible so that the dingdongs won’t fall off. And I feel like the point of an oddly shaped shelf would be that the arms or shelf sections aren’t necessarily straight. This isn’t a problem for books but would be more of a problem for the purpose we have in mind…

The other criterion I have for the branch bookshelf is that it’s got to be sturdy enough and have enough display space for more than just one thing at a time.

Branch Shelf

This dark version is by West Elm (why oh WHY don’t we have more of these kind of furniture stores in Singapore? I hate Courts with a deep dark vengeance and their ugly, common laminate cookie-cutter furniture).

West Elm branch

It’s interesting, but not quite what I’m looking for – firstly, the lines are a bit too straight. I know, I said I wanted straight shelves, but I’d like the rest of it to be a bit curvier and a tad more organic. Secondly, there’s not much space up there to put anything! I do like the color though, and I like the idea of putting a sidetable beneath the shelf – that would solve my storage issues.

And if you’re handy with tools and happen to have access to a miter saw, here’s an instructable for you to make this very shelf.

A Shelf in the Wind

I love the curves on this one! It’s called ‘A Shelf In The Wind’, and it just calls out for you to run your hands over it. The idea came from the thought: “what if a simple shelf moved with the breeze that enters the front door?” I think it’s beautiful!

A Shelf in the Wind 2

But again, little display space.

Pottery Barn branch shelves

These Elmhurst branch shelves come from Pottery Barn Kids (O haven of beautiful furniture, how I love thee dearly). Still not quite what I’m looking for, these shelves are a little too kiddy (well they are sold in the kids department). I do like the mural idea behind them. Definitely more ideal for a children’s room!

Hmm now that I’ve done this post I’m feeling a little wistful about losing the extra storage space that a buffet cabinet would provide. Our place so lacks storage space that we’ve got things lying around that we simply can’t find space to hide in the store room or elsewhere. Maybe we should look into installing more shelving in our store room, too.



  1. Madeline said,

    Wow I love the kids tree mural! lovely idea for my girl’s room =)

    Hmm, I think the branch is too small for you. I think the previous one is better. Good luck in designing your custom made shelf. Excited to see how it turns out =)

  2. This caught my attention because I have a post by the same title: http://acleansurface.com/2011/02/03/branching-out/

    I agree about the un-organic and space challenged shelves, although some of the ones you have shown are pretty. West Elm is a great company.

    What about having some more useful shelves and adding some branch details to them?

  3. betherino said,

    Mad: if you want someone to paint a mural for Jaelle, I have contacts! Let me know ;)

    Acleansurface: I can’t seem to load your page – it keeps telling me invalid key?

    • Hmmm. I don’t know what would cause that. I just clicked the link from here on your comment page, and it works for me.

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