Monday, 21 Feb 2011

A pretty picture

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Following my picture wall hanging fervor, I got my hands on three more frames to hang above the sofa! I’d said in my earliest picture post about how I wanted to put up some prints rather than all just photos, but the picture wall ended up being pretty much mostly photographs, except for the two mosaic tiles. So I decided to keep the prints to hang above the sofa in a triptych.

This time it was hubba who was reluctant to bang nails into the wall; we figured that the living room was more likely to be rearranged in the future so we decided to keep the wall nail-free. Well then, it was a perfect opportunity to try out the 3M Command Damage-free picture hanging strips I’d heard so much about.

3M Command strips

So I picked up a pack of three at Home-Fix at Ang Mo Kio Hub for $9.95. Make sure you read the package if you get these babies; I almost went back with a pack of saw-tooth picture hangers rather than these wire-backed picture hangers. Do note of course that these are definitely not as foolproof as banging nails into your wall; I’ve heard tell of these hangers falling off walls and of them taking the paint off the wall. So don’t hang anything too valuable or too heavy, and avoid breakables. My frames do have glass in them but we hope that if they fall, they’ll land on the sofa first!

I drew up my trusty diagram in Illustrator first to make sure of the dimensions and locations of the hooks. Using a piece of string Blu-tacked to the wall (we don’t have a spirit level), we marked off the hook locations in pencil. Following the instructions on the back of the 3M package, I cleaned off the areas with isopropyl alcohol (also known as rubbing alcohol, cheap and easily available at pharmacies) and let them dry. For good measure I cleaned the backs of the hooks as well. If you miss this step out, the hooks won’t adhere cleanly to the wall.

3M picture hanger

When all three hooks were secured firmly to the wall, we waited a little more than an hour (the hubs fell asleep) and then I went ahead and put the pictures on the hooks. Rather than the thick, awkward wire provided by Ikea, we’d bought thinner, braided picture hanging wire which is much more flexible.


Prints triptych

The prints in the frames are just card stock from Made With Love. I love this idea because I can change out the prints to suit different seasons or festivals, or even for themed parties. Can’t wait to put up Christmas prints!

Here’s a closer look at the paper – I’m sorry for the poor quality pictures, I used my iPhone and the light wasn’t too good.

Prints right

Prints left

These prints are actually from last year’s autumn collection, but the colors perfectly match my living room color palette, with its browns and blues that match our carpet, lampshade and wooden furniture.

Shag carpet

In fact, the first thing we had done to spruce up our living room was to splurge on that carpet from Arab Street. It cost us about $220 after much spirited bargaining and is made of shag pile that my kitty can’t destroy. In fact, she loves sleeping on it so much she disdains kitty beds. I love the large leaf print and the muted tan shades.


I’m really happy with the way our living area is getting more personalized and more decorated! We’d started out simply because of our tight budget when we got married, but now that we have settled in it’s really fun to do my little decorative projects one by one.


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  1. Jas said,

    hehe i LOVE 3M! Hehe… My house is full of them… (:
    I was thinking of putting many frames up in the new place… My current place is so bare coz I’m so lazy and it’s quite cluttered with stuff already. CAN’T wait for the new place so that I can decorate. LOL..

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