Tuesday, 22 Feb 2011

Gruffle snort hee hee hee

Posted in General Awesomeness at 8:18 am by betherino

I’ve seen tons of gorgeous sculpted cakes on Food Network Challenge, but this has got to be one of my favorite. Three words: Playable. Angry. Birds.

Is this not an awesome cake?? I love the little icing birdies and pigs!

Angry Birds cake

I know someone who would love this, who just received an Angry Birds iPhone cover for her birthday…

Angry Birds Cake

I need to make this cake for someone!

And his son Ben is super cute with that shaggy mop of hair and cheeky grin. Awww.

All pictures by cake-constructor Mike Cooper, who’s even provided a how-to if you want to DIY one of these babies.


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  1. Jas said,

    haha i just posted this on fb then saw this on ur blog! I LOVE the kids sooo cuteeeeeee…

    Chris ssaid “eh what kind of cake is that? Why so hard one!” hahaah

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