Monday, 21 Mar 2011

The unveiling

Posted in Home at 9:47 am by betherino

Hubs and I saw this at a street stall in Hong Kong and it literally stopped me in my tracks as I gaped and tried to express my delight to hubba with sign language.

And so we bought it after bargaining a little; got it wrapped up securely and toted it to the airport and checked it in as Fragile. Once we got it home, the unveiling began, after 15 minutes of brief panic as we thought it had gotten lost at the airport (it later turned up at the odd-sized baggage desk).

The package arrived home safe and sound
The package!

The slicing
Slicing it open

Paper wrapping inside
Paper wrapping inside

Bubble wrap
Bubble wrap

Rip it off!
Ripping it open

Encased in bubbles
Encased in bubbles

Protective plastic
Shielded in protective plastic

We’ve had mixed reviews for our new painting so far; some people think it’s downright Communist (which it is, but in such a beautiful way), some think it’s super creepy (?????) and others immediately got it. Just like we did. And love it! I think the subtext is brilliant and also he’s really cute and somber and I like children. Hee.

It’s by an artist named Zhu Yi-yong (okay, more accurately, this is a replica which cost us much less) who did a whole series of Chinese people making the red thread star. We actually were offered the little girl version as well; on hindsight we wish we had brought her home too!

Zhu Yi Yong girl
I wish we’d brought her home too.

We’ll probably be hanging our new little boy (I’ve named him Xiaoming, much to hubs’ chagrin) above the dining table; my only concern is that the sun comes in that way and I’m worried it might bleach or fade the painting?

Pictures when he’s hung up!



  1. 妹妹 said,

    and to your younger sister’s chagrin…

  2. betherino said,


  3. Jas said,

    oooo very nice!!!!!! :DDDDD

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