Tuesday, 22 Mar 2011

Everything in its place

Posted in Home at 9:44 am by betherino

I forgot to take a “before” picture, but last weekend before we went back to work we put ourselves through the horrible task of unpacking our suitcase (I much prefer the packing – unpacking sucks). I’ve always maintained that our house doesn’t have much storage space and it’s really been annoying that we’ve had to store our luggage in plain view in our bedroom. Yucks.

Hubs waved his arm dismissively in response to my plaint, claiming we had plenty of space in our storeroom. Prove it, I said.

So he did. And he cleared out the storeroom and repacked it almost single-handedly (I helped! I did! Really!) and managed to fit everything inside. We did throw away a bunch of stuff and reorganized a bunch of other stuff; after only 1.5 years of living in this house it’s amazing how much detritus we’ve already accumulated.

This is what our lovely neat storeroom looks like now! Love the birdie hook on the door that we bought from Hong Kong’s famous Homeless store.

The store

Yes, I do have to have extra storage for shoes in the store. Those are the precious pretties that are only worn out to dinners and parties and weddings. Yes, I have another shoe cupboard, filled mostly with my shoes. Yes, I have a shoe rack outside the door that houses the slippers and casual slip-ons. What’s your point? :D

A closer look

Also you can spy the kitty carrier, and the mahjong table, and the paper bag bin, and the alcohol corner. Ah, let’s take a closer look at the alcohol corner. I was most amused when I saw Hubs’ careful organization in play here. He’d neatly arranged all the alcohol together.

Alkie corner

Even the alkie that isn’t for drinking! Rubbing alcohol is not for consumption, guys :/ We use it to wipe off the walls before installing our 3M Command hooks!



  1. 妹妹 said,

    hiding liquor in the store room? We have ours on top of the fridge… Or on the counter… or the island… or the coffee table…

    What. I’m in college. Don’t judge. <3

  2. betherino said,

    we are grown up and have class.

    not like, you know, class class, which you have, being a college student.

    well actually I do have class, because I’m a teacher.

    but you know what I mean.

    or maybe not.

  3. Jas said,

    hahhaha i love where the rubbing alcohol is placed. Just make sure you don’t drink too much that you aren’t able to read the word “rubbing” hahah :D

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