Monday, 28 Mar 2011

Armchair happy

Posted in Home at 12:51 pm by betherino

It’s been a horribly long and painful week for many reasons…so I’m looking at plush armchairs to make myself feel better! If I had space in the house to fit another piece of furniture, I’d get a nice statement armchair, retro looking, with as much wood in it as possible. Though honestly it would be best in a baby room, because right now I love lounging on my couch to do everything from reading to marking to just…napping.

My favorite is this vintage style rocker from Urban Outfitters (I know right? Apparently they sell furniture in the States; why not here??) which comes in some lovely antique shades – olive, slate and stone gray.

Mid-Century Rocker Chair

I’m so jealous because I really wish we had such furniture options open to us in Singapore. Seems like our only options here are modern and expensive (designer), cheap and functional (Ikea), or ugly Asian wooden laminate crap (Courts). I long for Bed Bath and Beyond. For Pottery Barn. For Urban Outfitters. West Elm, for crying out loud. And all the other shops that sell beautiful stuff. Sniffle.

Speaking of Ikea, I’ve quite liked this armchair for awhile but I’m getting a little sick of Ikea for statement pieces. I’d really love to broaden our horizons a little bit. Still, Ikea’s a good option for when you’ve got a tight budget. This Karlstad armchair has a pretty fabric!

Karlstad armchair

I like the little wooden peg legs the armchair sits on! This patterned fabric is my favorite, though they also carry a nice textured gravel shade called Isunda gray, for something a little more serious. I also love the idea of changing covers to suit moods or party themes or seasons.

Lush carries a range that I’ve always thought is beautiful and classic, with its curved lines and smooth polished wood.

Kuhl Lounge Chair

This one from their Wood + Woods collection is really easy on the eye and surprisingly comfortable! The wood is so finely polished it reminds me of bone. Which is a good thing in this case.

One great option for furniture in Singapore, though it doesn’t fit everyone’s theme or is everyone’s cup of tea, is restored vintage furniture. I grew up surrounded by restored furniture from places like Just Anthony, with Peranakan pieces scattered liberally around the house. ReStore is a recently-opened furniture shop that combines restoration with a cafe (we hope they are separate). You can buy practically any piece in the cafe and they’re done up gorgeously.

Teak Chair with Vintage Fabric

This teak chair with vintage fabric is one of the prettiest of the lot. The fabric is appropriately old school and the style brings back such lovely memories.


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