Tuesday, 29 Mar 2011

Okay, so no green fingers

Posted in Home at 1:59 pm by betherino

After my last post about my little corridor garden thing, all my plants proceeded to commit suicide. *cries*

Okay, to be honest, I think I murdered them. I bought this packet of flower inducer from NTUC which turned out to be a terrible mistake. All the plants I added inducer to proceeded to shrivel up, blacken, and die a terrible death. I now have three remaining plants, one of whom is dying a slow death, and the other two I hadn’t put any flower inducer in.


I’ve joined a local landscaping and gardening forum to try and wrangle names of hardy plants from them. The problem I’m facing is that lift upgrading is taking place now and sooner or later I’ll have to shift my plants into the house anyway. So I can’t get plants that are too bulky, or wimpy and unable to handle differing amounts of sunlight. I hope I can get some advice from these experts!

Some of the forummers have posted up pictures of their garden balconies – so so jealous!

Petunia's garden

Love the lush greenery of this little spot

Richard's garden

This is probably how my corridor is going to look – that definitely is an upgraded lift lobby. Bamboo!

Craftsman's garden

The frangipani tree is a DREAM for me. I love love love frangipani! Also the gerbera! And the little roses!

Can’t wait for my lift upgrading to be over so that I can have some permanence in my little garden. Or garden-to-be.


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