Friday, 1 Apr 2011

More greenery ideas

Posted in Home at 11:34 pm by betherino

On the way back home today I stopped by Far East Flora to pick up a few plants. I was holding on to my laptop and had to cab home, so I chose my favorite three first – I’ll get more tomorrow when hubba drives us there! I picked up a red impatiens, a zebra plant (which has the most gorgeous variegated leaves) and a fittonia. I rearranged the plants and dumped the last of the dying plants today because it basically couldn’t be rescued. So now I’ve got four plants out there, including the helicopter plant that’s courageously surviving everything, plus the arrowhead plant that I left at my mother’s place.

I’ve been stalking the GCS forums and they are truly inspirational. These people have serious skillz man. Sigh, people like my mother with super green thumbs – everything flourishes under their care. I’ve decided I love vertical gardens – it fills blank space and makes the most of the area while making sure things look natural and messy – I’m not really into the manicured look!

I especially loved these two setups – click on the pictures to go to the forum pages and read more on how they did up their own gardens. This first one is by a person with the same initials as my mother! Is that the key to greenthumbery?? And yes – I made that word up. I’m an English teacher. I’m entitled. So this is CK Yeo’s garden:

CK Yeo

CK Yeo 2

CK Yeo 3

A favorite plant for many of the forummers seems to be the episcia – apparently it sprouts like crazy and makes lots of babies. Which is good, but I’m not entirely convinced by the thick, hairy leaves. Not the prettiest close up, but I might be forgiving of that if it’s going to be forgiving of my lack of, well, greenthumbery. There’s that word again!

This other very impressive setup is by user Davwong, who went and made his own bamboo rack for a vertical garden! *awe* it’s really gorgeous and I love the crazy garden feel – and, he used ninety pots in this one wall. *double awe* amaaaazing. I don’t even know how many trips he made to bring all those home, but boy was it worth it.

Davwong setup
This is the rack he made with bamboo poles and cable ties – and here’s how he filled it up!


Davwong 2

Is it not awe-inspiring?? I’m working on convincing my parents to try something like this – Dad’s handy enough with his hands to pull something like this off, and Mom’s ridiculous plant skillz will ensure her plants grow crazily all over this thing. Can’t wait to see it!

And in the meantime, I’ll slowly grow my own little garden. Baby steps… :D


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