Thursday, 14 Apr 2011

Pretty in pink

Posted in Nailin' It at 1:50 pm by betherino

I’ve done my nails a couple of times since my last manicure post but my iPhone camera isn’t cooperating :(((( for some reason it won’t focus on close objects anymore. I did a bright blue with silver streaks last week – my first attempt at cool colors – and I quite liked it! The only photo I have is fuzzy though :(

This week I went back to the tried and true diagonal French that I like so very much; this time with my new OPI Second Honeymoon, Alpine Snow tips and a lashing of Pearl of Wisdom over, just to give it a pearly sheen. I didn’t really like how very Barbie pink OPI’s Second Honeymoon was – a little too plasticky, a little too bubblegum. I used three coats because of how sheer these light colors are; put on the diagonal tips and then covered everything with a thin coat of Pearl of Wisdom just to make it a little more interesting! Lined it with my usual nail art glitter pen.

OPI Second Honeymoon, Alpine Snow, and Pearl of Wisdom

Added little heart stickers to the pink part of the nail on a couple of fingers, just to amp up the sweetheart look. It was a little odd at first. Now I’m getting used to the pink though; after about a week it doesn’t seem so jarring anymore. Shell did mention that it seems too girly for me (what’s she trying to say? :D) and I sort of agreed but now after getting used to it, it’s a nice change from my usual.


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  1. […] Flowers on EVERY NAIL. Awesome flower power! I’m getting pretty good at doing them left-handed, too. Waiting for the day I am effectively ambidextrous. Heh heh. This one is two coats of OPI No Spain No Gain, with a single top coat of OPI Houston We Have A Purple, which has a gel or sorbet texture and therefore takes a lot of coats to look good on its own. Similar colors but different textures, and I really like them together. The flower petals are OPI Alpine Snow and the centers are OPI Second Honeymoon, the Barbie pink from my previous manicure post. […]

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