Tuesday, 19 Apr 2011


Posted in Accessories at 9:45 am by betherino


I haven’t been a speccie girl since I spent most of my first paycheck on LASIK. It’s something I’ve never regretted because it’s totally awesome to be able to wake up in the morning, open my eyes and have everything clear as day, no pun intended. You know how people with missing limbs still feel phantom pain? Well I have phantom spectacles – sometimes I’ll reach up to push my specs up my nose because I have the sensation that they’re slipping down – and I haven’t worn glasses for three years!

Specs have come back in a big way though – my students wear all sorts of funky specs, and my husband has, like, four pairs, and our friends are constantly buying new interesting pairs. It makes me a tad jealous, but everytime I try on a pair of glasses I’m reminded how dorky I really look with them on. They just don’t suit my face anymore.

Doesn’t mean I can’t look, though! Wanted to link this post with all kinds of lovely spectacles in them. Also, Eyes on Fremont has tons of cute spectacle looks that, yes, rouse the green-eyed monster (see what I did there?) in me.

And in case you’re interested, there’s a stall in Junction 8 right next to the old Ice Lemon Tee shop, in front of Royal Sporting House, that’s having a sale on specs. The hubs bought a new pair and they made it in only two days – $88 for frame+lens.


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