Monday, 16 May 2011

As Mattie says – claws on my paws

Posted in Nailin' It at 6:23 pm by betherino

Some of my recent self-manicures:

Dotty French

I really love my dotting tool. I don’t know how I survived for so long without it. I’m starting to realize what a rip-off nail salons are – to charge so much to do something so simple! I’m not sure I can ever go back to a regular plain ol’ manicure anymore, now that I have the means to pretty up a simple manicure all by myself. This was a dotty take on a French manicure – base is OPI Siberian Sky, dots are in OPI Alpine Snow, which is probably the best investment ever.

Flower power

Flowers on EVERY NAIL. Awesome flower power! I’m getting pretty good at doing them left-handed, too. Waiting for the day I am effectively ambidextrous. Heh heh. This one is two coats of OPI No Spain No Gain, with a single top coat of OPI Houston We Have A Purple, which has a gel or sorbet texture and therefore takes a lot of coats to look good on its own. Similar colors but different textures, and I really like them together. The flower petals are OPI Alpine Snow and the centers are OPI Second Honeymoon, the Barbie pink from my previous manicure post.

Glitter gradient

This is sheer awesomeness. Serene did one of these at the salon awhile back, though much less blingy; to get some inspiration and know-how, I Googled it and found a post by someone who also buys her polishes from Melva at NailVibe. Her blog gave me a lot of inspiration – I’m going to try her lace tips manicure next!

I did my tips in a metallic red by OPI – I don’t know what color it is because it’s in a mini sample bottle and it doesn’t have a name label. The copper bling is a pa polish called Lame Grande AA30 (I’m assuming they mean lamé), and the sheer glimmery polish is pa Lame Petite A125. I think Grande and Petite refer to the amount of glitter in the polish. I just bought another pa Lame Grande polish, AA36 – it’s not as black as it looks; rather it’s a clear polish with silver glitter and round pink shimmer dots. I’m all into glitter love these days – reliving my JC days where everything was glitter and rainbow spectra! Sounds a bit like 80’s disco, but much better.

I got the pa polishes from a pushcart in Junction 8, in front of G2000 on the second floor. They’ve got a great range of pa polish and nail stickers. I don’t get my OPI polishes from there because they cost an astronomical $22 (as compared to $10.90 and above on NailVibe) but since NailVibe doesn’t carry pa polish, I’m happy to pay $8.90 for them at the pushcart. I guess rent pushes up the price of the OPI polishes there.

I’m going to be ordering from NailVibe soon – Seche Vite topcoat amongst some other new colors – so if you’re interested in collating orders, let me know :)



  1. Evonne said,

    Actually, nailvibe does carry pa polishes if I’m not wrong! Or it could be TINS.. which is awesome anyway. : D

    Thanks for the link love! :)

  2. betherino said,

    heya Evonne! Nailvibe only carries TINS… :) at least on the website! their pa stuff is mostly nail stickers… anyway I like being able to pick up the pa polish from J8 and get immediate satisfaction while I wait for my Nailvibe packages…haha!

    thanks for posting :)

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