Thursday, 9 Jun 2011

Sunshine wedding pieces

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So I did a custom order for my lovely funky colleague Shari…her wedding’s the weekend I’m away in Penang on Scrabble tournament duty so I won’t be able to attend and see my creations walk down the aisle! Boo!! I really had fun making this gorgeous wedding set and it was a real experience. I learn new things and invent new techniques every time I go on a crafty bend, so I’m so glad I had the opportunity to make this for her.

Shari wanted a full set of matching pieces – since all her wedding party members will be togged out in different outfits, she figured this would be the uniting element. Her wedding color is bright sunshiny yellow, so yellow it was, and such a happy looking set it turned out to be!

Groomsmen's corsages

The guys got yellow satin corsages with green leaves. It was my first time working with floral tape and man, I love that stuff. It’s super awesumz for the job. To keep it manly, the corsage had simple glass bead centers.

Family corsages

The fathers, mothers and brother got slightly different corsages to differentiate them from the groomsmen. Papa and Bro have one pale green and one dark green leaf (pointing in different directions; I know, I’m a little crazy that way) and Mama got three lace cord loops. Very mommy, I thought!

Groom corsage

The groom gets a special corsage, with two satin flowers and a polka dot fabric button, since Shari loves polka dots! I’m so happy I managed to find the matching thin polka dotty yellow ribbon to tie around all the corsages.

Bridesmaids' bands

The bridesmaids got a two-flower hairband with satin and organza flowers! A simple and classic look, and one that I really love. I can’t wait to see pictures of all the bridesmaids in their mismatched outfits with matching hairbands. I think it’s a stunning and really clever idea to pull all of them together. If I’d had the luxury of having so many bridesmaids (though I was and am perfectly content and privileged to have had my beautiful baby sister as mine) I would have done the same thing. I love the idea of having them in mismatched dresses in the same color!

Bridesmaids' bands 2

I’m so happy with the way my hairband tags turned out. Lookit my logo! <3

Bridal hairband

Blushing bride Shari wanted her own hairpiece to match the bridesmaids’, so I prettied hers up even more and made it more special by making it three flowers, with one of them delicate organza rather than all satin. I’m very pleased with the lace inset – makes it beautifully bridal and very sweet! Swarovski crystals, faux pearls and glass beads form the centers.

Funky redfabric hairband

The last piece I made was this fun, chunky funky hairband for her wedding lunch. Since it’ll be more laid-back, Shari wanted a more dramatic piece with red as the accent color since her shoes would be this awesome red vintage Diane von Furstenberg pair (oh the things you can get on Etsy!). It was a joy putting this one together, with a 3D felt flower, one satin flower, a vintage fabric button and a red polka-dot flower to match her polka-dotted organza skirt for the occasion.

This whole wedding set would normally cost more than $300 :)



  1. Jas said,

    Love it!!! (: did you draw the logo?? Nice!!

  2. betherino said,

    sadly can’t take credit for drawing it.. haha. downloaded the graphic off the net!

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