Tuesday, 14 Jun 2011

A place to put pretty things

Posted in Home at 1:05 pm by betherino

So after much dithering we finally got our display shelf from Scanteak – there was a sale advertised in the paper so we tromped on down to have a looksee. Picked this baby up for $499 (U.P. $799 I think). Beautiful solid teak and narrow enough to fit in the corner!

Scanteak shelf

Lost no time in putting up some of my little elephants which have been living in a cardboard box since we moved in :/ Finally they get to breathe some fresh air again! I put out my favorites; and in order to try not to go overboard I put out one elephant for every other item on the shelf. Heh heh. Also you can see my two pretty To-fu Oyako figurines <3

Scanteak shelf window

The view from the other side. The shelf sits nicely between the window and our front door.

Future terrarium hopefully

I bought this little glass container with a view to making a mini terrarium. King and King Wong is having a sale at Nex and they’re selling these beauties in all sizes and shapes. They’re kinda pricey though – this tiny one is already $20, and the bigger ones which would make better terrariums are going for $50 to $80. You can pretty much get a complete terrarium for that price. Sadly in Singapore we don’t really have thrift stores selling vintage kitchen ware or glass items like in the States, so this is it. Tell yourself you’re paying to have the fun of making your own terrarium!


I got this little chipboard “dream” from Spotlight. Like I’ve mentioned before, I love the idea of displaying words or letters, and this was perfect! The little elephant was given to me by my mother I think.

We picked up a new lampshade from Ikea as well – this gorgeous Renate one. Our previous embroidered lampshade from Ikea was beginning to get brown spots all over it and it was pretty much a goner.

ikea Renate shade

It looks boring when it isn’t on, but when the light shines through it, it’s absolutely gorgeous and very me!

Ikea Lampshade (Hedda Blad)

But of course Mister Murphy had other plans in mind. The same night we changed our lampshade and cooed over how pretty it was, the cat jumped up on the couch while I was snoozing on it. In my half-sleep I pushed Sasha off the couch in the direction of the lamp, she promptly knocked it over and it went sailing to the ground. The base cracked and now the lampstand is a goner :( The horrible thing is that my beautiful floor lampstand is no longer being sold at Ikea – it was the wooden Ekarp. Now they’re only selling the ugly chrome one, which doesn’t suit my living room at all. GRUMPS.

Just gonna have to suck it up and get another. Sighhhhh.


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