Wednesday, 20 Jul 2011

Terribly tempted

Posted in Home, Musings at 2:53 pm by betherino

to remodel redecorate redo something in my house – but gosh, the limits of time and money and laziness. I get itchy feet and there’s something I want to do – right now I’m leaning towards a new paint job – but at the same time the thought of having to actually DO something makes me feel exhausted inside. I’d rather hire someone to paint, but that will cost; I don’t mind doing it myself but that means a whole lot of moving furniture and effort. Plus it’ll be difficult to convince the husband!

I really would like to repaint the bedroom and the study – though the study is really more hubba’s domain than mine – I loved the dark colors of our bedroom when we first painted it but lately it’s starting to look a little dull. I want a richer, deeper tone than the cloudy blue-gray currently on our bedroom walls.

I wish there were a way to jazz up the living room as well. For some reason everything’s starting to look a little pale or dull, and some bright colors would really make me happy. I’ve always been a color person and the neutral tones of the house are starting to bug me a little bit. What could help? A colorful couch throw? Colorful cushion covers? A bright new rug?

I think though my first step should really be…clearing up my messes at home. My craft desk looks like Spotlight exploded over it, and my kitchen is getting increasingly cluttered…


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  1. Jas said,

    Totally understand!! I also wanna do so many things!! Haha… Oh well… Save money!! I wanna paint the house as well!!

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