Friday, 28 Oct 2011

Prodigal blogger

Posted in Musings at 8:41 am by betherino

Okay, I’m back, I’m back, I’m back! The workload has eased off somewhat these last few weeks now that my kids’ final exams are well under way, and of course English is over which means the bulk of my work is also, finally, OVER. Only one more Literature paper to go and then I can well and truly see the end of this year’s graduating class workload!

So it’s been YONKS since I last posted – but I have lots of posts stewing in my head. I do still want to do a lot of things on this blog and I’m planning to work around my newfound Pinterest mania, using links I find there and post there. Also will be trying to get a little more creative around the house these hols since we’re not going on a big holiday this year.

So – just to remind myself what I want to do – here are some of the posty ideas coming up!

1) Pinspiration – crafty ideas I found on Pinterest and how I made my own
2) Redecorating and clearing up the house
3) Holiday decor and gifts
4) Sharing more pretty things I find online
5) Manicures

I’ve sort of gotten a little tired of Etsy because it’s become so cluttered with sellers who aren’t really all that great. It’s tiring to sieve through the shops and get disappointed at the quality of stuff on there. There are of course so many many gems but it’s getting harder to find them!

I AM going to break out my camera, and I WILL be posting more next week so…watch this space!


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