Friday, 4 Nov 2011

Is this…Hogwarts?

Posted in Photos at 9:36 am by betherino

Maybe it’s my deep abiding love for Hogwarts, but I’m completely enamored with cinemagraphs. They’re basically animated photographs where most of the elements are kept static, like regular pictures, but one or two…MOVE.

Dancing in the kitchen

Like that. Isn’t that stunning? I love how most parts of the picture don’t ever change so it isn’t like a video, but the seamless replaying of a particular moment over and over again.


I especially get a kick out of the ones where the person suddenly flicks his or her gaze towards the camera. A little unsettling at first, but yet the picture becomes so personal and directed with that one movement.

barber pole

Even the ones without people in them are so captivating, like this one of a vintage barber’s pole. I really love the thoughtfulness that went into this image because look – the reflection in the mirror is moving too!


And to match all the weather we’ve been getting, here’s some rain for you!

These pictures are all by photographer Jamie Beck, whose cinemagraphs are absolutely riveting and beautiful.

I don’t know why when I tried to host the images on my own site, they wouldn’t come through animated…so I’m piggybacking on the original links. :/


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  1. GMILWARD said,

    very nice, very creative.

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