Tuesday, 8 Nov 2011

Flowers make me happy

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Cut flowers make me ridiculously happy. It’s really lovely how whenever I come home the first thing my eye is drawn to is the vase of happy flowers on the dining table and it makes me smile from ear to ear. They aren’t too expensive from Far East Flora either, and even though I have like absolutely zero flower arranging experience or any sort of know-how whatsoever, I still manage to get them into the vase and looking decent. Probably my flower-arranging expert friends would gasp and faint in horror at my inexpert handling of blooms but hey :D we can’t all be experts, so forgive my amateur fumblings. I basically just want all the flowers in the vase and looking like flowers!

Indian bicolor roses

All the pictures are taken with my humble iPhone – I know, I really should be utilizing my actual camera but aargh the iPhone just makes me so lazy – it’s a decent camera and I can wirelessly transfer the pictures to my computer. Heh. Anyhoo this time I bought some lovely Indian roses in two different colors. I really love the shading of the roses!

flower arranging for dummies

So all I really do is put the first stem into the vase and approximate how long I want the stems to be. I snip off the extra bit with my trusty gardening shears (which are delightfully rusty) and then lean the first rose against the edge of my glass vase. Then I pull off all the leaves except the topmost ones, and place the stems into the vase, alternating colors and crisscrossing the stems to give them some support and basically just stuff them in one by one. I’m sure flower-arranging experts are all cringing by now. Can I just use the excuse that I like the wild, untamed look? :D

vase full of roses

That’s pretty much just it. I have two friends who are mad into flower arranging and who do absolutely beautiful, delicate work, and I’ll show some pictures of their work sometime this week :) They really are brilliant and do *actual* arranging unlike what I do, which is flower stuffing, heh heh.



  1. Shyam said,

    I stuff too :)

  2. Akshita singh said,

    flower’s really makes us happy in our life:)
    akshita singh of 5th standard

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