Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Shift dress

Posted in Musings at 9:23 pm by betherino

Okay, I haven’t posted in a long time – Pinterest really doesn’t help lazy people who don’t have that much time to blog :(

So anyways I’ve always been in love with Jean’s blog at ExtraPetite. Though I’m not exactly petite myself, we are both Asian so I do like seeing how she rocks colors and styles that would suit Asian girls with Asian coloring. She also shops at reasonably priced stores like H&M so it’s easier to get inspiration from her looks without feeling totally discouraged that I can’t afford anything similar. Another thing I like about her blog is that she alters a lot of her own clothes which really made me realize that I shouldn’t be afraid to tailor things to fit me better!

From Jean’s blog I hopped on over to Wendy’s Lookbook. Wendy is also American Asian but with slightly pricier looks; she always looks so perfectly put together with the most amazing ensembles. One look I liked was the orange shift dress from ASOS:

orange shift dress

Her dress is from ASOS and so is fairly affordable, but I’m a little leery of ASOS since my penny-pinching ways don’t permit me to buy any of the really well-made stuff! Still, if you like Wendy’s look, my favorite local online store, Love Bonito, has just released a gorgeous dupe in four colors: mustard (my favorite color of the season!), and the safer choices: black, white and navy.

Calista dress

It’s currently retailing for S$32.00 so grab quick! This time I’m still going to pass because I feel like my very rectangular body doesn’t work so well with this silhouette. If you’re petite or curvier than I am, this is so pretty <3

Here’s another version from Forever 21, now selling for US$17.80.

Let me try and ease my way back into blogging! *fingers crossed*


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