Friday, 2 Dec 2011

Harry Potterware

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Harry Potter accessories. How cute are they?!

Accio keys!
Accio keys! by foxwise

Hogwarts owl mail
Owl post necklace, by touchsoul

Marauder's Map bracelet
Marauder’s Map bracelet by TesoroJewelry

Harry Potter lightning bolt print
Harry Potter art print, by SkahfeeStudios

Deathly Hallows necklace
Deathly Hallows, by 1luckysoul

Harry Potter glasses necklace
Harry Potter glasses necklace, by SixAstray (local seller!)


Tuesday, 19 Apr 2011


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I haven’t been a speccie girl since I spent most of my first paycheck on LASIK. It’s something I’ve never regretted because it’s totally awesome to be able to wake up in the morning, open my eyes and have everything clear as day, no pun intended. You know how people with missing limbs still feel phantom pain? Well I have phantom spectacles – sometimes I’ll reach up to push my specs up my nose because I have the sensation that they’re slipping down – and I haven’t worn glasses for three years!

Specs have come back in a big way though – my students wear all sorts of funky specs, and my husband has, like, four pairs, and our friends are constantly buying new interesting pairs. It makes me a tad jealous, but everytime I try on a pair of glasses I’m reminded how dorky I really look with them on. They just don’t suit my face anymore.

Doesn’t mean I can’t look, though! Wanted to link this post with all kinds of lovely spectacles in them. Also, Eyes on Fremont has tons of cute spectacle looks that, yes, rouse the green-eyed monster (see what I did there?) in me.

And in case you’re interested, there’s a stall in Junction 8 right next to the old Ice Lemon Tee shop, in front of Royal Sporting House, that’s having a sale on specs. The hubs bought a new pair and they made it in only two days – $88 for frame+lens.

Wednesday, 5 Jan 2011

Weaving spells

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I’m back! It’s been a long hiatus I know :/

On my latest trip to Bangkok I went a bit mad for bracelets. I bought about ten different sets – beaded, pearls, fabric, metal, chunky, slim, mismatched – all kinds! They’re my new accessory of choice. And on one of my online shopping prowls I found Spell.

Spell was started by two sisters, Elizabeth and Isabella Breidis, who make lovely textured gypsy and bohemian style jewelry. Their charm bracelets are simply stunning.

Gypsy rocker cuff

My favorite, the Gypsy Rocker Cuff, is made of white braided leather decorated with funky chunky silver charms. I can totally see this bracelet rocking with a slinky black top and rugged skinnies.

Black gypsy rocker cuff

The black version is equally sexy. The mismatched charms are really gorgeous – love the randomness of the ladder, the different architecture and the Juicy-style crown, and the cross is an especially nice touch for me.

Texas sage amulet bracelet

Can I just say I’m totally jonesing for that gorgeous white top the model is wearing – and those cute woolen shorts! The Texas Sage Amulet Bracelet is so textured I don’t know where to begin – the finely carved bone feather, the jeweled skull, the leather tassels. It’s delicate and edgy all at the same time.

Tuesday, 26 Oct 2010

I hate Crocs

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but I love this pair.

Crocs Melbourne

I’ve noticed that people wearing Crocs invariably have stinky feet – I think it’s because the rubber isn’t really breathable. Plus Crocs are generally…hideous.

But I like these Crocs. They’re very beachy and make my feet look pretty. The color is beautiful too! Sadly none of the Crocs stores I’ve hit up have it in my size :(

Thursday, 21 Oct 2010

Cover Girl Smoky Shadow Blast

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Cover Girl Smoky Shadow Blast

I’m an America’s Next Top Model junkie and I tend to believe everything I see on TV, so when they featured Cover Girl’s Smoky Shadow Blast on the show, I was…sold.

Smoky Shadow Blast
“Cover Girl Smoky Shadow Blast is amazing and it is my best friend and you NEED it! Now!! …What? Too obvious?”

I’m certainly not a beauty product reviewer and my idea of makeup is usually minimal, to conceal rather than to enhance, because with my type of work, it’s not really appropriate to turn up each day with a colorful face. Plus I like simple makeup; I’m not too big on the primer/concealer/toner whatever business. So this simple cream shadow looked like it was right up my alley. The rounded side is a lighter shade and goes on first, with the tapered side used as a highlighter and brow liner. Sounds awesomely easy.

All the reviews sounded the same as the one in this YouTube video – the texture was too greasy like a lipstick, it broke off easily (like a lipstick), it creased along the eyelids, the color wasn’t too bright (which I don’t mind because again, not into vibrant color). There were tons of negative reviews (even directly on the Cover Girl page!) and far too few positive ones. It was really rather alarming.

So regretfully I decided not to buy it in the end. I’m definitely going to look into cream shadows tho – the color possibilities sound fabulous!

Thursday, 7 Oct 2010

Bobby pins

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For the last year or so I’ve been quite mad about hair flowers and hairbands with pretty things on them. Feathers, flowers, colors. Now that my hair is awfully short and I feel a bit like a tomboy, I’m appreciating these things even more to make me feel girly even with my close crop.

This time I’m mad about acrylic bobby pins! Because I teach, I’m loath to wear anything that’s too bright or showy to work; I don’t want to spend the day with distracted students staring at the pretties in my hair. So I’ve found an alternative to my big pieces – these beautiful bobby pins. And I’ve done the research so you don’t have to ;)

Berries and cream bobby pins by Elizabeth Hutnick

Blue bobby pins by Liz Hutnick

I’ve purchased these babies along with a few others from Liz Hutnick on Etsy. They were quite affordable – USD14 for four pins and with free shipping! Since the US dollar is down to 1.309 against the SG dollar, my friend and I figured it was a good excuse and a good time to pick up a few of these. Liz carries earrings, rings and these bobby pins in the same line of acrylic flowers, doves and owls in pleasing pastel shades. Sigh, I really like the vintage look; they’re selling on enough blogshops that I suspect I can find the acrylic flowers in Chinatown. I might be taking a trip down soon to have a look for myself. *rubs hands*

Owl bobby pin set

Owls are always pretty to look at and this bobby pin collection of four will set you back USD11 at Lara Lewis. She’s got a lovely collection of different kinds of pins – daisies, roses, owls, doves, you name it she’s got it.

Wonderland by Fleur Avenue

On a local front, these bobby pins are from FleurAvenue (at least I assume she’s local because one of the six locations she lists on her page is Singapore). She’s selling three pins for about S$16 – it worked out to be slightly more expensive than Liz’s pins because for some reason her shipping costs are an astronomical S$5 :(

Blue dahlia

Cloth button bobby pins

Another local seller, Ohmymuffins, sells them separately, with one pin going for S$3.20. That price sounds a tad more reasonable and she’s got cloth-covered button pins as well (although those I can make on my own; you can get the cloth button maker thingy at Daiso in Plaza Singapura for just S$2).

Friday, 24 Sep 2010

Yes there is a difference.

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taken from shopsaplingpress

I…I think I need this bag. If only to point at and complain vociferously when the occasion calls for it.

Thursday, 9 Sep 2010

Floral love

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Aren’t these the prettiest necklaces in like the entire world? Super sweet and oh-so-darling :/

I love the detailed pleats and ruffles in each flower and how they’re all different.

And such lovely delicate colors :)

But such a fearful price – these retail at Emerson for US$128 each.

Now how can I make my own? /plots