Thursday, 3 Nov 2011

Anticipating Bangkok

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I’ve been waiting on my Bangkok trip for the last few weeks months now and while by and large I have been quite good about not buying clothes in anticipation of the trip, I’ve still picked up a few pieces here and there. Sooner or later I’m going to have to clear out the cupboard to make space for the new things coming in!

I’ve allowed myself to buy mostly skirts since BKK skirts don’t really fit me (curse of the big hips and booty) but I’ve been trying really hard to restrain myself on other items! Just to keep myself on track, here’s a (growing) list of the items I want to pick up in BKK.

1. Cardigans, sweaters, blazers, swing jackets, etc

from rdujour

I’ve recently discovered the wonder of layering (and also an extra-strength anti-perspirant) and by golly I’m not going to let the tropical weather stop me from layering! I figure the trick is to wear light layers and sleeveless tops under them. Also to jump on the chance to layer if it happens to rain in the morning and it’s cool enough to get away with it!

2. Striped or polka dot dresses

from extrapetite


I can’t get enough of these classic prints. I can’t explain it. Polka dots and stripes are such timeless patterns and disgustingly delicious and I LOVE THEM.

3. Swing skirts

from brinny.nwi, a blogger who absolutely rocks the swing skirt

I know I said BKK skirts don’t always fit me, but that applies to close fits or pencil skirts. Swing skirts, with their fullness, are much more accommodating of bigger bottoms like mine! And I’ve lately developed a taste for swing skirts and have been wearing my boring black one to death. I need more!

4. Something made of lace – a skirt, a dress, a top, whatever, if it’s lace I’ll have it

from alexandra p.

Lace is another one of those timeless trends; though it’s easy to look hoochie. I want something that isn’t hoochie, of course, which might be a little difficult in BKK. But we can try.

5. Mustard tights

from amyistheparty

‘Nuff said.

6. Lots and lots of accessories – bracelets, skinny belts, etc

7. A medium-sized handbag – maybe splash out a little on a good quality fake ;)

I really want to try and be disciplined this time and not buy back a whole bunch of cheap-looking stuff that I’ll end up not wearing and regretting. While part of the fun is the experience, I don’t want to face buyer’s regret and end up wanting to sell the whole lot off at flea markets or giving them away to friends who can fit. So I’m going to be strict with myself and make sure I get nice things even if it means paying a little bit more for them!


Thursday, 27 Jan 2011


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Colorful tights
Happy Socks Cotton Tights, Kate Spade Graphic Dot Mustard Tights, Forever 21 Classic Textured Tights

As the weather in Singapore stays cool and wet with temps dropping to a low of 23 degrees Celsius (unheard of!) I’ve been bursting to bust out my tights collection. It’s rather meager now and in rather boring colors; my favorites are my classic black pair and my new 280 denier navy blue tights. In the wings are my blue sparkly leggings from Uniqlo and black rose lace patterned tights. The problem I’m facing is that I haven’t quite got enough short skirts to match the wearing of tights – also, I’ve been shy to match odd colors and have been falling back on black far too much. Enough, I say! I’m rolling out my colored tights this weekend and nothing’s gonna stop me!

Stripey tights

I’ve been surfing Gmarket lately, looking for bargains, and while it’s absolutely frustrating to painstakingly match the Korean words on the page to the ones on the virtual shopping basket, I went a little mental over this leggings shop, called, strangely, Undress. They’ve got all types, colors, patterns, and even woolly lined ones that are perfect for taking on trips to wintry countries.

Woolly lined stockings

I bought those! Definitely good for wearing with skirts on chilly holidays where you don’t really want to bare your legs. Also on my menu – sexily classic black and white argyle stockings, leggings that actually have a skirt attached, and lovely chevron patterned tights in deep purple.

Chevron tights

I particularly liked a pair with little clover leaves all over them – they reminded me of a white opaque pair of stockings I had as a child with teeny red hearts scattered over them. I loved those stockings and wore them to bits.

Clover stockings

I can’t wait to visit Tokyo in March – I’m gonna break out all my pretty patterned tights to brace myself for the weather!

Tuesday, 16 Nov 2010

Les Queues de Sardines

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Sometimes I wake up in the morning thinking, “I feel like wearing tights or leggings today”; inevitably after about half an hour of deliberation I end up not wearing either. Because Singapore usually just gets too darn hot for it. Not these days though – these are gloriously cool leggings-wearing days! And soon I’ll be in cold cold Israel and I’ll be wearing the heck out of all my tights and leggings. Yummy.

I recently stumbled across Les Queues de Sardines in my leggings fever, and my jaw literally dropped from their, well, jaw-dropping designs. Some of them are so mindbogglingly creepy that I really can’t see myself wearing them (e.g. the pair with eyes drawn all over them – eeks) but some are delightfully quirky and make me shiver with glee. Here are a few of my favorites and a few of the gross ones.

Flizus – I would totally wear these all over the place. Even if it’s too hot for them.



Descente d'Organes
Descente d’Organes – okay EW I have visions of intestines descending from orifices

Pieces de Boucherie
Pieces de Boucherie – hilariously morbid butcher cuts


La Pluie
La Pluie – this was the pair that started my obsession with Les Queues de Sardines!

Bootsy – another of my favorites

Daphne – pure gorgeousness!

The Les Queues stockings are selling for a depressingly high price – though still rather affordable. You can get them online (if you speak French) here or here or here, or if you’re traveling you can visit their stockists all around the world. Sadly no shop in Singapore just yet :(

Monday, 18 Oct 2010

Lookbook: Turning 21

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It wasn’t quite that long ago, but I don’t really remember how big a deal turning 21 was for me. I remember I had a sort-of party, but it wasn’t by any means a gala – just some friends getting together to fete my birthday with a dinner at Marché. Hubba’s cousin is turning 21 this weekend and she’s having the works – a banquet dinner at a hotel. I love the idea of celebrating that milestone of having come of age. Here’s a special lookbook for a girl who’s becoming a woman on that special day.


The ruffled toga dress is elegant and simple – the colors are serious enough while the subtle polka dot skirt remains feminine and young. In keeping with the key theme, maybe someday someone special will gain the key to her heart – but until then she’ll wear it around her neck. I especially love the punches of red to brighten up the outfit – a brilliantly crimson floral clutch and a Mary-Jane heel that’s grown-up and youthful all at the same time.

Thursday, 14 Oct 2010

Going boho

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In the hallowed words of Heidi Klum, “In the world of fashion, one day you’re in; the next, you’re out”. And for some reason that none of us will ever be privy to, tie-dye is back in, cresting on the wave of bohemian couture that’s rolled in on our sunny beaches.

gross hippie tie-dye yucks

Thankfully, not this kind of tie-dye. This kind should basically be banished forever and its existence deleted from the annals of mankind so that we may never have to admit to our children the travesties of past fashion.

Jolie's lookbook

See, when it’s on a hot girl, tie-dye’s so much better!

But seriously – even though I’m not quite leaping with delight onto the tie-dye bandwagon, there are a few pieces out there that I sheepishly admit I would wear. I suppose it’s a matter of not overdoing it. You want to look chic, not like you’re smoking marijuana.

Tie-dye maxi

I really, really, really like this maxi dress from Silkytrend. It’s mostly the gaudy, multi-colored effect of tie-dye that becomes glaring, but the colors on this dress are similar enough and muted enough to carry off that beautiful boho theme without overdoing it. It’s selling on a Malaysian shop though which charges RM30 for the first kilo of shipping – and I’m not sure I want to get a kilogram of clothes just to make it worth my while!

Blue tie-dye maxi

This blue-striped Venus maxi was so popular that it’s already sold out on Dirtybling.

Au naturel tie-dye dress

I love the pattern on this tank dress! Again the colors are lovely; I think it looks great both ways it’s styled here – with a thin belt and loose with shorts.sadly this is sold out on Wonderstellar too. Sorry ladies :(

Karissa rainbow dress

I don’t usually go in for rainbow colors but this dress is so cheerful and happy it’s hard to resist. Items on Ohvola always sell out really fast though this dress is available on backorders.

Brush print dress

I bought this dress! I think this is a really classy take on tie-dye. Not only are the colors beautiful, the cut is work-appropriate unlike most of the casual takes on tie-dye outfits. It’s still available on backorders at Love Bonito.

Friday, 8 Oct 2010

Nautical feet

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Nautical feet

Loving my new nautical plimsolls from Rubi :)

Thursday, 23 Sep 2010

Navy and crimson

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Champs Elysees dress from The Shabby Apple

Delectable. Love the white sash and the ruffling :) Pity it’s USD88; if it were in SGD and shipped locally I wouldn’t hesitate to press the Buy button! The crimson heels really make this dress pop.

In fact I’m wearing a navy dress and red heels myself today!