Sunday, 26 Jun 2011

Wedding bells

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Sha had her wedding last weekend and her pictures just came on FB! Looks like it was such a fun and beautiful wedding – I’m really sad I wasn’t able to be there and share in the love and the excitement!

The lovely couple!

Sha and Jim


Sha's hairpiece


Groom corsage


Really love seeing my pieces on people and I’m happy I got to contribute to her happy day :)


Tuesday, 23 Nov 2010


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This is such a clever idea and probably what my boss would call “thinking out of the box” – or in this case, out of the cloth!

Girl and her horse

It’s actually a really simple concept but so clever in its execution :)

Thursday, 11 Nov 2010

Fabric flower inspiration

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Fabric rosettes
From Little Birdie Secrets

This is my inspiration for the week – flowers that work everywhere and anywhere!

Wednesday, 10 Nov 2010

Christmas freebies

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This is my favorite time of year.  When the weather gets nippy (or at least much cooler than other times of the year – yay rain because we can’t get snow), when Christmas songs play, and visions of presents dance through my head.  And of course, the reason for the season – God sent his son to the world to be a baby boy and give us all life.

As a Christmas gift for all of you – some printables to enjoy!  I used Emily’s tags last year and this year I’m deliciously spoilt for choice. I thought I’d share all these free printables so that all of you can have pretty tags on your gifts this year as well.

Renee Garner’s scalloped birdy tags (from Wolfie + the Sneak)

Kristina's reindeer gift tags

These tags by Kristina of Studio 67 and My Heart Behaves have a FRONT and BACK so download both, print them on both sides of the paper at 100%, and cut them out by hand or with circle cutters :)

Ez's winter birdy gift tags

Ez’s winter birdy gift tags (from CreatureComforts)

Emily's HELLO gift tags

Emily’s HELLO gift tags (from CreatureComforts)

Amy's holiday gift tags

Amy’s holiday gift tags (from Peptogirl Industries)

Paola's sweet gift tags

Paola’s sweet gift tags (from Paola Zakimi)

Emily's holiday gift tags
Emily’s holiday gift tags (from Inside a Black Apple)

Jessie's red+pink gift tags

Jessie’s red+pink gift tags (from Sweet Jessie)

All gift tags and labels are for non-commercial use only, by request of the artists who made them. Enjoy!

Thursday, 4 Nov 2010

Amy Butler fabrics

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One frustrating thing about fabric shopping in Singapore is that the designs seem sadly limited. Spotlight fabrics are pricey and the designs are a little bit dated, while fabrics in Chinatown tend to be, well, very Chinese, and not always in a particularly good way. There’s only one shop that sells some of the prettier Japanese prints but even those tend to be the cutesy ones with bunnies and such. I get most of my printed fabrics from Golden Dragon, because they sell craft scraps, but their cloth is all similarly colored in creamy neutral shades. Not much to choose from. :(

And so I crave for Amy Butler.


Amy Butler has the most beautiful prints. I love bold colors and textured designs, florals and leaves, and she’s got it all. The prints are perfect for almost anything – crafts, cushion covers, curtains, even clothes. There isn’t any Amy Butler shop here though and frankly her cloths are quite pricey too, so I’ve resorted to buying scrap bags and fat quarters from Etsy :(

Friday, 15 Oct 2010

Wineglass charms

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Before, when we had parties, we’d stick a stack of paper or plastic cups by the punch bowl along with a marker for people to scribble their names on. We’d run around the house frantically trying to unearth that one permanent marker that would work on frosty plastic cups. And even with the permanent marker, inevitably somebody would write their names too near the lip of the cup and end up with smudges on their own lips after drinking!

Now that we’re all grown up with more adult drinks at our parties, we don’t use disposables, or Sharpies, anymore. And in order for guests to differentiate between their glasses, what better than to dress up your collection with some unique wineglass charms?

Mahjong wine charms

Well yes these mahjong charms by Tizzytapties are unique, and they’d probably be the funniest conversation pieces, but I like my charms to be a bit classier than that!

Wineglass charms 1

My brand spanking new set was handmade for me by two beautiful ladies, Shyam and Serene!

treehouse wine charm

I really love the treehouse charm. I’ve always wanted a treehouse; in land-scarce Singapore I guess I’ll just have to make do with the teeny one hanging on my wineglass. Love the rocking-horse and the sewing machine too! Those are my favorites. The 招财猫, or maneki neko, or waving cat, is supposed to represent my kitty Sasha. Er, ok :D

Wineglass charms 2 (wedding set)

Actually they made me two sets of six – one set is wedding themed to celebrate our wedding wedding anniversary (one year late is better than never! *love*). A couch (to represent the one we broke not 2 weeks after it arrived), a just-married car bumper to remind us of our beautiful duo-toned Renault, a little parfum bottle and more.

Wineglass charm 3

Look how pretty it is! My hand-blown wineglasses from Israel are already pretty, but the charm makes it even more special. Plus it makes a lovely clear ringing sound when the charm swings around the base of the wineglass.

I’ve just had a thought – should it be mouth-blown? Because you obviously don’t blow with your hands.

Scrabble wine charms

Just wanted to end off with these adorable Scrabble wine charms available on Copperdot. If you love Scrabble or words like I do, these would be perfect, especially if you had one letter for the names of each person in your family. Wineglass charms can be hung from mug handles as well!

I think I’m going to make a set for everyone in our family for Christmas ;)

Thursday, 16 Sep 2010

Wedding scrapbook

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I must admit it took us almost a year to print our wedding photos – we never managed to quite get around to doing it, but we finally did! And now my project is to put together the pictures into a scrapbook. I suppose it might take me another year or two, but I hope I’ll get it done in the end :x

I did manage to make a start!

Brown corduroy album from Paper Market

Tea ceremony

Tea ceremony

Walking down the aisle

Walking down the aisle


My beautiful sister

All the paper and accessories used were bought from Made With Love.

I’m not scrapping in order, obviously; I’m picking out the pictures that appeal to me and the ones that match the paper I already have. I hope to get this done…eventually!

Wednesday, 15 Sep 2010

Library book table

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When I was a girl I spent hours in the library and we borrowed ravenously – we’d had library cards off our aunts and uncles and would bring more than 20 books home at one shot – and we’d be done with the books within the week. I wanted to be a librarian once; there was nothing more exciting I could think of than to be surrounded by books all day and be able to wield that red laser pen they used to scan the barcodes. And the wonderful shsh-thunk of the huge date stamp. I loved it. I love libraries.

And I feel like I must have this table.

Library book table


Library book table
Library book table from Recyclart

What a ridiculously awesome idea!

Thursday, 9 Sep 2010

Rockstar by Soon Lee

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I’ve always loved loved loved Soon Lee at Haji Lane. I love the vintage touches, the old-school decor and the fact that they sell paperback classics alongside their clothes – so when I heard they’d set up a new branch at Cineleisure, I was a little taken aback. Half the charm of Soon Lee comes from the fact that they are situated off the beaten track and in a quaint shophouse. But I wasn’t to be terribly disappointed by the more accessible Rockstar.

I didn’t take many photos – furtively wielding my Canon self-consciously wondering if the salesgirl was going to kick me to the curb – but here are a couple of shots for you.

Rockstar by Soon Lee

The color of the displays made me happy! Look at that red and blue and yellow.

They also sell Toms shoes – I was deliriously in love with a gingham pair. They’re terribly comfy and terribly stylish in their can’t-care-less cotton twill.

Toms shoes
Toms fall collection from Rockstar by Soon Lee’s blogspot

I also really like terrariums and they sell them in gorgeous glass jars here.

Rockstar by Soon lee - Terrariums

Each of them has its own name! The short one with the adorable curled squat legs is named Lucia, and I had a hard time staying away from her. The long-stemmed one is named Gisele (after the leggy model, I’m sure) and is now going for 50% off. But with prices rising to almost $300, you might be better off procuring your own jars and attempting your own terrarium. There are plenty of lovely old glass jars out there just waiting for a resident plant!

Alternatively, you could try your luck with Etsy – lots of beautiful terrariums selling there. weegreenspot makes the loveliest themed terrariums and promises that they will arrive just as you see them in the pictures.

Bird and pink easy care cactus and air plant, taken from weegreenspot’s etsy page

I’m not quite sure how much I trust international mail though!