Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Shift dress

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Okay, I haven’t posted in a long time – Pinterest really doesn’t help lazy people who don’t have that much time to blog :(

So anyways I’ve always been in love with Jean’s blog at ExtraPetite. Though I’m not exactly petite myself, we are both Asian so I do like seeing how she rocks colors and styles that would suit Asian girls with Asian coloring. She also shops at reasonably priced stores like H&M so it’s easier to get inspiration from her looks without feeling totally discouraged that I can’t afford anything similar. Another thing I like about her blog is that she alters a lot of her own clothes which really made me realize that I shouldn’t be afraid to tailor things to fit me better!

From Jean’s blog I hopped on over to Wendy’s Lookbook. Wendy is also American Asian but with slightly pricier looks; she always looks so perfectly put together with the most amazing ensembles. One look I liked was the orange shift dress from ASOS:

orange shift dress

Her dress is from ASOS and so is fairly affordable, but I’m a little leery of ASOS since my penny-pinching ways don’t permit me to buy any of the really well-made stuff! Still, if you like Wendy’s look, my favorite local online store, Love Bonito, has just released a gorgeous dupe in four colors: mustard (my favorite color of the season!), and the safer choices: black, white and navy.

Calista dress

It’s currently retailing for S$32.00 so grab quick! This time I’m still going to pass because I feel like my very rectangular body doesn’t work so well with this silhouette. If you’re petite or curvier than I am, this is so pretty <3

Here’s another version from Forever 21, now selling for US$17.80.

Let me try and ease my way back into blogging! *fingers crossed*


Friday, 28 Oct 2011

Prodigal blogger

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Okay, I’m back, I’m back, I’m back! The workload has eased off somewhat these last few weeks now that my kids’ final exams are well under way, and of course English is over which means the bulk of my work is also, finally, OVER. Only one more Literature paper to go and then I can well and truly see the end of this year’s graduating class workload!

So it’s been YONKS since I last posted – but I have lots of posts stewing in my head. I do still want to do a lot of things on this blog and I’m planning to work around my newfound Pinterest mania, using links I find there and post there. Also will be trying to get a little more creative around the house these hols since we’re not going on a big holiday this year.

So – just to remind myself what I want to do – here are some of the posty ideas coming up!

1) Pinspiration – crafty ideas I found on Pinterest and how I made my own
2) Redecorating and clearing up the house
3) Holiday decor and gifts
4) Sharing more pretty things I find online
5) Manicures

I’ve sort of gotten a little tired of Etsy because it’s become so cluttered with sellers who aren’t really all that great. It’s tiring to sieve through the shops and get disappointed at the quality of stuff on there. There are of course so many many gems but it’s getting harder to find them!

I AM going to break out my camera, and I WILL be posting more next week so…watch this space!

Wednesday, 20 Jul 2011

Terribly tempted

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to remodel redecorate redo something in my house – but gosh, the limits of time and money and laziness. I get itchy feet and there’s something I want to do – right now I’m leaning towards a new paint job – but at the same time the thought of having to actually DO something makes me feel exhausted inside. I’d rather hire someone to paint, but that will cost; I don’t mind doing it myself but that means a whole lot of moving furniture and effort. Plus it’ll be difficult to convince the husband!

I really would like to repaint the bedroom and the study – though the study is really more hubba’s domain than mine – I loved the dark colors of our bedroom when we first painted it but lately it’s starting to look a little dull. I want a richer, deeper tone than the cloudy blue-gray currently on our bedroom walls.

I wish there were a way to jazz up the living room as well. For some reason everything’s starting to look a little pale or dull, and some bright colors would really make me happy. I’ve always been a color person and the neutral tones of the house are starting to bug me a little bit. What could help? A colorful couch throw? Colorful cushion covers? A bright new rug?

I think though my first step should really be…clearing up my messes at home. My craft desk looks like Spotlight exploded over it, and my kitchen is getting increasingly cluttered…

Monday, 16 May 2011

Akan Datang

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Super excited about the prospect of making an entire bespoke wedding collection for a fun and funky colleague :) will post the collection here when I’m done!

Sorry for the silence on the airwaves lately – work has been nothing short of crazy. More posts coming soon!

Monday, 27 Dec 2010

Picture wall visual plan

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It’s been a long time but December has been such a whirligig of hustle-bustle Christmas cheer that I haven’t had time to sort out my inspiration photos, house posts and Etsy picks that I’ve been wanting to post. Ironically, I’ll probably be posting more when I return to work, if only because blogging then becomes such a welcome respite ;) So until then, here’s a teaser for you – my long-awaited picture wall is (slowly) coming together!

Picture wall

This is the plan for the wall, based on five sizes of the Ikea Ribba picture frame. The two brown rectangles on the right represent my height and hubba’s height, so that I’d know where our lines of sight fall on the wall. It won’t be all photographs up, either – the two light brown square frames will host little square mosaics that we bought from a shop in Jordan, near Mt. Nebo where Moses looked over at the promised land (Canaan) from the wilderness.

I’m also plotting ways to incorporate our initials into the wall. I’ve got my eye on these chunky metal letters from studio6fresno’s shop on Etsy and I’d like those to go up somewhere on the wall.

>>Project Picture Wall: 27 Sep 2010

Thursday, 2 Sep 2010

Good morning sunshine

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So this is an attempt to start something new – hopefully a blog filled with pretty things to lighten up your day!  From scrapbooking to household knick-knacks, jewelry to flouncy skirts, I want to show the world what things make me happy – and hopefully they make you happy too.

I’m inspired by a whole bunch of writers – Nicole Balch from Making It Lovely, Sheye Rosemeyer, and a whole lot of other people who’ve kickstarted the radar for pretty things in my head (and heart).  I hope that sometime soon I’ll have a pretty new blog design, but I want to get the blogging done first.

Welcome to tomfoolerie :)