Monday, 27 Sep 2010

Project Picture Wall

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So I know I’ve got hundreds of projects either half-started or in the pipelines. That’s how I work – with a finger in every pie and tasting another before I’m really done with the first one. I’ll get round to finishing them all someday :D

Here’s another project that I want to complete this year. I want to fill my corridor wall with picture frames to make a picture wall. Now that I’ve gotten our wedding shots printed, I’ve got tons of pictures to put up. The thing is, I don’t want them to be all pictures. I want to frame up some pretty paper and some nice prints as well.

I’ve been looking at some picture walls for inspiration and here are some that I like:

Picture frame feature wall
I quite liked this one from House to Home – I love the idea of having different frames of different thicknesses. I also want my frames to be randomly hung and not in a boring old rectangle!

Picture wall with frame riser
This picture from As I See It is another great example of what I’d like to do. The wall I’m hanging my pictures on is cream colored so it would be nice to get dark colored frames there.

Wall Art Display
This is a bunch of some really odd examples from Lushlee. I think the eyes staring out from the wall are totally creepy. Shudder! I quite like the E’s though.

Picture wall
I love this picture wall from Shutterbean. I especially like the mix of thick and thin frames!

She also gave a great tip – I’m the kind of person that gets so eager to see the finished product that I’d bang nails into the wall all over the place and then get upset with a holey wall and crooked frames. Not Tracy! She used an idea from Martha Stewart (oh, Martha!) to prevent holeywall syndrome:

Practice wall

Paper cutouts! I’ll probably try this out. The hubba had actually advised me to do a mockup using Photoshop, but this sounds more fun!

What comes first is finding the frames for the job…